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Via a tip from our friends at Salute to Soda, we were pointed to John Sicher and his Beverage Digest cover story about Dr Pepper Ten in their January 14 issue, mentioning that Dr Pepper Snapple Group's "research shows 'many guys [aged 25-34] are not satisfied with the taste or image of diet sodas'." The takeaway is that Diet Dr Pepper has long been promoted as tasting very close to the flagship product, and I think folks who drink it would agree.
Coke has been quite successful with Zero, marketing it as a third primary product line alongside flagship Coca-Cola and Diet Coke. Based on the marketing materials being used in the 6 test markets for Dr Pepper Ten (Austin, Denver, Colorado Springs, Des Moines, Kansas City, San Antonio), the pitch seems to be "it's for men only, stupid." Because nothing works better in a postmodern advertising climate than telling men exactly what they should be drinking in a condescending and brain-dead fashion. By not going "zero calorie" but instead throwing in 10 calories worth of high fructose corn syrup (along with the previously mentioned aspartame and acesulfame potassium), this makes Ten a different product from Diet Dr Pepper, as well as Coke Zero and Pepsi Max.
Upon opening the bottle, you find that the drink smells like traditional Dr Pepper, perhaps a bit more on the cherry side, to be honest. Now, as far as taste, to better judge the flavor, we compared regular Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper with Real Sugar, Diet Dr Pepper, and Dr Pepper Ten.
Both Dr Pepper Ten and Diet Dr Pepper have the negative aftertaste typically associated with diet beverages, but Ten was far worse.

Dr Pepper Ten starts out fine with that first sip, but then the expected flavor never arrives (unlike Diet Dr Pepper), instead trailing right into the negative aftertaste.
The nutrition facts for the salad account for everything in the recipe except for the optional sour cream and guacamole.
It's also mentioned that Diet Dr Pepper has a "slightly lighter mouthfeel" than regular Dr Pepper, but Dr Pepper Ten is closer to the "full flavor and mouthfeel" of the real thing. The marketing pitch that "it tastes like Coke" is pretty simple to understand and true, given that Diet Coke actually isn't based on the Coke formula (but rather shares a formula with the doomed New Coke). While there is something there that tastes like Dr Pepper, it definitely feels like those 23 flavors aren't kicking on all cylinders. It's one of the strong anchors of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group portfolio, ranked #10 in sales for 2009 (Source: Beverage Digest), with regular Dr Pepper owning the #5 spot (behind Coke, Pepsi, Diet Coke, and Mountain Dew).
In short, we found that Dr Pepper Ten actually tasted LESS like Dr Pepper than its Diet sibling.

In contrast, the flavor of Diet Dr Pepper was far more inline with the taste profile of regular Dr Pepper (and Pepper with Real Sugar, for that matter). The reputation of Diet Dr Pepper being very similar in flavor to the original is solid, and from taste tests, pretty well supported. In fact, the flavor was rather bland and lacking the unique subtleties that you usually associate with the drink.
Zero and Max both use aspartame and acesulfame potassium (Ace-K) as their artificial sweeteners, as does Dr Pepper Ten.
This is in contrast to the diet products from these same companies, which solely use aspartame in Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, and Diet Dr Pepper.

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