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After the holidays feasts with family and friends, we often need to have a break and balance our alimentation to come back to a more normal diet plan. It found that ditching modern lifestyles for the way many lived decades ago could cut the risk by 40 per cent for four-year-olds.
And it revealed that while each rule - eating dinner with the family, getting lots of sleep and watching less TV - cuts the risk on its own, the effect was greater when all three were combined. Study leader Dr Sarah Anderson said: 'The routines were protective even among groups that typically have a high risk for obesity.

David Haslam, chairman of the National Obesity Forum, said: 'There is no doubt modern lifestyles are fuelling the epidemic. But if you need healthy recipes for your every day meals, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to steamed leeks for weeks! Around 10 per cent of six-year-olds are obese - so overweight it threatens their health - while the figure for 15-year-olds is 17 per cent.
In contrast, the figure for those living in households which had none of the routines was 24.5 per cent.

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