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Tagged: diet coke, coca cola light, stay extraordinary, jessica lowndes, 90210, beverly hills 90210, adrianna tate-duncan, adrianna tate duncan, .
Tagged: diet coke, coca cola light, stay extraordinary, taylor swift, 22, pathetic plea, meredith swift, . Tagged: diet coke, Coca Cola light, stay extraordinary, gregg sulkin, wizards of waverly place, pretty little liars, delirium, . While Gary (played by Tony Hale) seems like the least likely choice to be drinking the Diet Coke, due to his distance form the can, I wouldn’t put it past Buster Bluth to enjoy a nice, cold can of aspartame. Tagged: veep, diet coke, Coca Cola light, stay extraordinary, julia louis-dreyfus, sarah sutherland, tony hale, seinfeld, Elaine Benes, Selina Meyer, catherine meyer, gary walsh, buster bluth, . Charlize is near the top of my list of Diet Coke loving celebrities I’d like to share a Diet Coke with (Christina Ricci, Hilary Duff, Chace Crawford, Taylor Swift, and Carey Mulligan round out that list, but once Bradley Cooper is seen with a Diet Coke, he is taking the top spot. Tagged: helena bonham carter, diet coke, stay extraordinary, coca cola light, harry potter, bellatrix, . Taylor Swift - Taylor Picture Thread #19: From candids to appearances to photoshoots, there's always pictures! I'm sick of tabloids too when I read one that questioned if Taylor and Ed went beyond partnership.
There is more than one Taylor Swift, and I don’t mean just the one who used to wear dresses and the one who now wears shorts. I like to imagine sixteen year old Taylor Swift on the streets of Nashville with frizzy curls. Within the context of the songs that she writes, there are a dozen Taylor Swifts, narrators that are often read across the board as being confessional and representative of Swift’s personal voice yet possess such distinctions from one another as to make this clearly impossible.

He is seen here enjoying a Diet Coke as he keeps Danny McBride company on the set of Pineapple Express. I want to talk to Taylor for you so everyone knows why Diet Coke is the greatest beverage ever.
His friend posted a Vine of Gregg filming a Vine, and I couldn’t help but catch the bottle of Diet Coke in the frame. Since you love Diet Coke, I’ll forgive you for never responding to the fan letter my old roommate and I sent you last year.
It is the closest to Catherine Meyer (played by Sarah Sutherland aka Jack Bauer’s real-life daughter), so the obvious assumption is that she is the one with the Diet Coke.
I know Taylor Swift is the actual spokesperson, but Charlize is spotted with Diet Coke more often. I’m sorry I doubted you, and I hope you accept my apology over a round of Diet Cokes someday. Many celebrities agree with that statement, and this blog is dedicated to pictures of famous people and their Diet Coke. Like anyone, Taylor holds multitudes, like everyone she has an intangible personal self truly known to no one but herself and a revolving and evolving series of public selves that arise when the situation calls for them. Taylor Swift records stories straight from her diary and you hear them everyday on the radio. Taylor the artist has created a number of different voices for herself, and they appear and reappear throughout her song catalog.
But Julia Louis-Dreyfus was seen drinking a Diet Coke as Elaine Benes back in her Seinfeld days, so maybe she’s the Diet Coke fan.

And I’m almost certain that Young Adult was a movie about the side effects of too much Diet Coke consumption.
I’m sure a picture of her and Diet Coke will come out soon and I will have something better to say. You have never met Taylor Swift, probably never will, and yet between the two of you, strangers, an intimacy exists. Each one is a reflection of a piece of her, perhaps, but to assume that every single lyric is unmistakably true to the Taylor the person would be a foolish mistake. Even when Adrianna switched up Silver’s bipolar medication and stole music from a dead guy, she was delightfully insane. We know Taylor Swift, songwriter, Taylor Swift, performing artist, Taylor Swift, superstar, but those identities are constructed in such a way as to make it feel as if we also know Taylor Swift, real girl. Bonus points if you convince them to let me drink Diet Coke with Taylor Swift on my 22nd birthday at the end of August. The dominant public Taylor Swift is one that she has created to feel like a private self, to feel like your best friend, to feel like someone whose heartbreak, joy, anxieties, you are readily able to absorb and experience as your own. I can’t design stuff, but if you can and win, feel free to keep the money and give me the tickets to meet Taylor.
I imagine the two of us sitting on a couch with her cat Meredith and drinking Diet Coke from champagne glasses.

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