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January 28, 2013Model Lucky Vanous lived up to his name in 1994 when a Diet Coke commercial turned him into the most lusted-after hunk in Hollywood. PHOTOS - The Hottest Olympians Now, Diet Coke has tapped a new face (or, ya know, body) for a European TV ad that could hit our shores if it proves to be successful. In “Gardener,” the latest ad from the Coca-Cola Company, celebrates Diet Coke’s 30th anniversary with a drool-worthy new TV advert starring the hunky Andrew Cooper.

The iconic soft drink ad, which was last seen in 2007, is being revived this year to celebrate Diet Coke’s 30th anniversary in Europe.
He’ll also be portrayed in the new ad by British model Andrew Cooper, the fourth man to play the role, following Dan Scott, Lucky Vanous and Paul Johansson who appeared in previous Diet Coke ads as construction workers, lift technicians, window cleaners and delivery men.
The song featured in the commercial is called ‘Suit’ by an Australian band named Boom!

We see a female passenger sitting in economy class on a plane who finds a whole new world transformed around her after she opens a can of Diet Coke.

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