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The song featured in the commercial is called ‘Suit’ by an Australian band named Boom! Since 1982, consumers have been turning to Diet Coke because they love its taste, according to The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta.
We see a female passenger sitting in economy class on a plane who finds a whole new world transformed around her after she opens a can of Diet Coke. To expand on this, the brand is launching a new campaign to show fans what life would be like if it tasted as good as Diet Coke.

After asking the flight attendant for a Diet Coke, she closes her eyes and takes a long sip. Along the way, she mingles and dances with stylish partygoers, who are more vibrant versions of the passengers she passed on her way to get a Diet Coke.
In this TV spot, a woman pulling into an everyday industrial carwash takes a sip of Diet Coke and opens her eyes to find that the brushes whipping past her windows are actually dancers in flapper-style dresses.
These partnerships will bring to life how the taste of Diet Coke has the potential to make any moment a little brighter.

It’s a really iconic brand and a really big deal.’The advert is titled ‘The Gardener’ in keeping with the previous Diet Coke ‘hunk’ adverts (the last one was titled ‘the Window Cleaner') and sees a group of picnicking women playfully role a diet coke down the grassy hill to Andrew, who they spot mowing the lawn. As the woman pulls out of the carwash, she exits her Diet Coke world and returns to reality.

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