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Snack experiments are experiments which spend 2 or 3 minutes to see a demonstration in science. Gustoume un montГіn o deseГ±o deste experimento e sobre todo a idea de que poidan brindar con el! If you’ve ever wondered why Diet Coke and Mentos react so strongly to one another, well, wonder no more. The buoyancy of the bubbles and their growth in size will quickly cause the bubbles to leave the nucleation site and rise to the surface of the soda.В  Bubbles will continue to form on the porous surface and the process will repeat, creating a nice foamy result. Note that while caffeine is often cited as something that will increase the explosive reaction with the soda, this is not actually the case, at least not given the relatively small amount of caffeine found in a typical 2-liter bottle of soda generally used for these sorts of Diet Coke and Mentos reactions.В  If you add enough caffeine, you will see a difference, but the levels required here to see a significant difference are on the order of the amount that would kill you if you actually consumed the beverage. As an aside, while I personally have never tried drinking Diet Coke and eating Mentos, I have had a similar experience after taking a new kind ofВ  multivitamin I’d not tried before, combined with drinking a 16 ounce container of Dr.
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Now the reaction between mentos and diet coke is strikingly similar to that one science project we all would have done back at school – the sodium bicarbonate volcano, which follows a simple chemical reaction. My 4-year old and our neighbor enjoyed witnessing this explosive soda and Minty Mentos experiment. Almost as soon as the Mentos hit the soda, the explosion begins, so f you’d like to try dropping more than one into the Soda bottle, make a paper tube and fill it with all your Mentos.

The explosion happened so fast that I was unable to capture it with my camera, so you’ll have to try this experiment for yourself and see how it works. SCORM packages are zip files that can be integrated in any LMS (Learning Management System) that supports the standard (Moodle, Blackboard, …) and that can be used for presenting multimedia content and as assessment tools.
John Pemberton’s, bookkeeper, Frank Robinson, stemming from the two key ingredients: extracts from the coca leaf and kola nut. She takes the coke and mentos experiment to a whole new level by jumping into a bathtub of diet coke in a bikini with mentos hot glued all over it. Sodium bicarbonate reacts with Acetic acid (Vinegar) instantaneously and produces copious amounts of carbon dioxide as a resultant. The dissolved CO2 (carbonic acid) in the soft drinks are bottled up at a very high pressure and tries to escape by any means.
I read that diet soda is recommended because it’s less sticky than regular soda, but regular soda should work too.
The Eepybirds later recreated this experiment in a spectacular multi-bottle show on David Letterman. Thus, you can integrate your Virtual Excursion in Moodle and other LMSs by downloading it as SCORM. Some of the visuals on Google and Wikipedia of huge geysers created by the experiment confirm that it isn’t just a fable.

But the reaction behind the diet coke geyser is a physical one and has nothing much to do with the chemicals present in both food items.
My head was down, staring at the Mentos, and I actually had to ask the kids how high the geyser shot.
Every mento is coated with almost 40 microscopic coatings of sugar, providing sweetness and also, abundant nucleation sites. Mentos are heavy enough to sink in soda, hence they react with the drink till they reach the bottom of the bottle. In our case, the smaller the provision for the escape of CO2, the larger the geyser and vice versa. Bubbles are created at the nucleation sites, they escape, turn into foam and pressure dramatically builds.

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