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Years passed, and then that thing happened where you think that because you don’t do something that everybody doesn’t do it.  And I became truly shocked to see how many people still actually drink Diet Coke and soda in general. Diet soda makes you fat.  Studies show that within a few years of drinking diet soda, people weigh more than before they started. A study revealed that people who drink soft drinks specially diet soda have a bigger risk of suffering of depression. She was consuming more than 28 pints of Diet Coke every day, the equivalent of double her own body weight a week. And while she has tried to tackle her addiction she still gets through the equivalent of 30 cans a day.

I like you started drinking diet coke at a young age because that’s just what my mother got. The only one on the internet that I can find that has a diet coke drinker realize the danger of it. I know that the cheapest, largest Diet Coke I can find in a 2 mile radius from my house is $1.09. About a year ago I found out I had celiac and changed my diet and started feeling so much better. Adults who drank four or more diet sodas per day were 31 percent more likely to be diagnosed with depression over those who drank no soda at all.

She did say that migraines usually don’t start at my age (32), after reading this I can only think it must be the diet coke. And some experts have linked Diet Coke’s sweetening ingredient, aspartame, with premature birth and even cancer, although the EU food watchdog last year rejected the claims.

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    Are loaded with protein, fiber, phytosterols seed flour.