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Yet another study has come forth, this time from the World Cancer Research Fund, that indicates there are health benefits from being a coffee drinker. Researchers found that those who drink coffee are 29% less likely to develop the disease than non-coffee drinkers. Researchers are currently not sure why coffee is correlated with these health benefits, and want to study its properties more closely. A new study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society reveals that people who regularly drink diet soda over a nine-year period packed on almost three times the belly fat than those who passed on the beverage. Like coffee, scientists are still unsure as to what is causing this correlation between diet soda and belly fat, but someВ theorize artificial sweetener may increase appetite.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Nearly half of Americans, 48%, report drinking at least one glass of soda per day, while 52% say they normally drink no soda. The same survey finds roughly two-thirds of Americans, 64%, reporting that they typically drink at least one cup of coffee per day. Unlike coffee, which may have some health benefits when consumed in moderation, soda has no known health benefits, and the sugary form can contribute to obesity, diabetes, and other health problems.
Despite that, there is essentially no difference in the self-reported weight situation of Americans who drink two or more glasses of soda compared with those who drink none: About four in 10 of each group says they are either very or somewhat overweight. Men and women are about equally likely to drink coffee, however, by 69% to 45%, whites are much more likely than nonwhites to drink it.
For better or worse from a health perspective, coffee and soda are both popular with Americans, but coffee is consumed by far more adults on a regular basis.
With so many new options for buying premium coffee available in recent years, including at upscale coffee shops and on the menu at fast food chains, one might assume Americans' coffee consumption has grown.
There’s no doubt about it, kicking a soda habit can be pretty difficult for some people.
The standard vending machine soda is 24 ounces, so consuming two of these per day amounts to almost a liter and a half. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with this routine, replace your other sodas with an alternative. There are good reasons to cut back on drinking several liters of soda a day, and as someone who drinks a couple of cans a day on average I would like to cut back a little.

I have sinus problems, especially when I wake up in the moring and that cold fizzy rush clears my head and make me feel better than coffee.
It wasn’t a horrible transition as one might think, but there are still occasions where we think a soda would hit the spot. Amazing how much soda some people drink but I have read plenty of weight loss stories where the calories from soda where huge! Among those who drink any soda, the average daily amount is 2.6 glasses, with 28% drinking one glass a day, on average, and 20% drinking two or more glasses. Perhaps surprisingly, given the explosion of upscale coffee houses and specialty coffee products being marketed to consumers over the past decade, this is nearly identical to the 63% who drank coffee in 1999.
Those who drink one soda per day are slightly more likely to classify themselves as overweight.
And there is a significant age skew, with coffee drinking much more prevalent among middle-aged and older Americans than among those aged 18 to 34. In line with higher rates of obesity among blacks and Hispanics, soda drinking is slightly more common among nonwhites than whites. It is especially popular with whites, middle-aged, and older adults, while nonwhites and younger adults tend slightly more toward soda consumption. And it's possible Americans are drinking larger cups or stronger coffee than they did in the past. I used to drink diet but had some work stress a few years back & my stomach could not handle it. Steve, I say Tax soda like smokes and beer and give the money to the hospitals… just proding you. This might be explained by heavier soda drinkers consuming more diet soda than those who drink only one soda per day; however, the current survey question did not specify the type of soda consumed. Young adults aged 18 to 34 and men are also slightly more likely to consume soda than their counterparts. But in terms of sheer number of cups, the rate of coffee drinking is largely unchanged, with Americans currently averaging 1.6 cups per day. Nevertheless, the majority of soda sales continue to be of the sugary variety, and with nearly half of Americans drinking at least one glass daily -- with even higher rates seen among men, young adults, and minorities --the health implications for Americans remains significant.

But, giant Big Gulps and super-sized fast food sodas mean we’re drinking more than ever.
I think thats considered addicted.I love soda, but i want to stop drinking it because it is VERY unhealthy and i really dont wanna end up having low potassium along with my anemia.
If we were caught with a soda, we would get one warning, and if it happened again we’d get kicked off the team.
Soda ain't cigarettes, but sugary soft drinks have faced a similar cultural and political backlash in the last decade.
As obsessively healthy attitudes have osmosed from yoga yuppies to the general population, local governments have turned on soda, pressing school bans and cup-volume limits. But young consumers haven't yet had their fix, and as this demographic trades up for more expensive coffee when the economy recovers, IBISWorld projects the overall industry to continue buzzing. The benefit is in REPLACING soda with healthier alternatives — like water, teas, fresh juices, etc. Fading consumer sentiment has had twin impacts: pushing soda drinkers to switch to cheaper brands and encouraging soda companies to shift toward diet drinks, smaller bottles, and alternative drinks, according to IBISWorld. When a soda drinker decides she wants to drink iced tea with lunch from now on, she's won't order a Diet Coke and an iced tea. Just as studies showing the ill effects of sugary drinks have hurt soda, studies showing we can basically drink as much coffee as we want permit young people to go back for refills. Consumption has increased the most for consumers between 18 and 24, IBISWorld finds, and "younger consumers are more likely to drink coffee on a daily basis today than five years ago" and the most likely to drink espresso drinks.
The rise of energy drinks is especially important because energy drinks directly replace (substitute) soft drinks among customers who buy Diet Coke and its ilk for an afternoon pick-up.

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