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Half-baked: Lays says its baked chips contain 50 per cent less fatA spokesperson of PepsicCo India, a division of which markets the popular Lay's brand of chips, has said baked chips have been included in Lay's portfolio in an attempt to expand the range. Baked chips and most other so called 'healthy' packaged snacks in the market are as full of chemicals, salt and calories as those that don't make any claims to promoting good health.
FDA data on baked chips shows that they contain more than three times the level of acrylamide, a type of carcinogen, as compared to regular chips.

While no such data on Indian products can be found, health experts say we need to break the health halo around these so called 'healthy' substitutes.
The levels of sodium and potassium in these baked chips are higher, to increase their palatability quotient,' Neelanjana Singh, consultant nutritionist, PSRI Hospital, said.
Some even believe baked chips, frozen French fries and other low cholesterol processed foods are nutritionally more unsound than deep fried products.

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