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Tips For Expanding Your StomachThe first and most important thing that you need to know is that your body does not like change. Stomach Expansion Training With WaterAll the information above involved the simple use of food to train for a food challenge or contest. If you are going to make a change to your lifestyle, diet, exercise program, or anything else, you need to start slow and build-up gradually. I recommend the use of food because your body is more easily able to tell you when you have had enough food. If you change too fast, your body will counteract the changes and you will be in worse shape than before the change. Almost 200 have tried!!Training stomach capacity is something that I have just began to study in an effort to increase my eating capabilities.
On that note, you need to start the process of stomach expansion slow, and then build from there.
I don't recommend the use of water though because if you don't train correctly, you can severely harm your body. The only median would be people that can eat a lot, but they simply just choose not to gorge themselves ever. You can pass out & go unconscience, and you can even drown yourself by drinking too much too fast.

For those of you that can eat a lot, I definitely believe that your abilities can be increased through training. The reasons that a lot of people like training with water are because water has zero calories, and it goes through your body A LOT quicker than food. Just like muscles on your body, every person has a unique muscle capacity which has a lot of contributing factors such as age, genetics, and body-type.
Also note that an excess of water in your body causes your kidneys to work harder to process all of it.
Its possible that a person can workout everyday and eat perfectly, but never gain another ounce of muscle because he or she has already reached his or her peak. Continually drinking an excessive amount of water causes a lot of wear & tear on your kidneys, which can cause damage over time. If its a challenge, you set that time and day yourself most of the time because 95% of food challenges are available during all normal business hours.
Just because your buddy can eat a 5lb burger easily, this does not mean that you will ever be able to eat even a 4lb burger after a lot of training. Most people don't know this, but if you eat a big meal, it takes about 2 weeks for your stomach to return to its normal size.
To increase stomach capacity safely & correctly, you have to know your own body and not compare yourself to other people.

It just wasn't until I did my first food challenge that I realized my love for food challenges. You can wait until dinner if you don't have time at lunch, but by doing it at lunch, you give yourself a lot more time to burn off the extra calories before going to sleep. Since you are not eating until you are completely full (maxing-out), this won't affect your work or school performance that day. Since you are doing that, increase your 2 meals to about the size of your 1 big meal from during the first 3 days.
You may want to have your meals mid-morning (9am-10am) and late-afternoon (4pm-5pm).► Comparing this training week to a weight-training week, day 6 is max-out day!! If you are wanting to do more than 3 quarts, I DEFINITELY recommend adding some gatorade or something to your drink for some electrolytes (sodium & potassium).
Drinking that much water can washout all of your electrolytes, and thats when you can go unconscience & drown. When you get to the point of chewing just because your body does not want to swallow, then you know that you have had enough.

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