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The Association for Youth, Children and Natural Psychology is a non-profit New Jersey corporation.
Review from Booklist: Robertson, an expert in pharmacology, has treated depression for more than 20 years and here offers a drug-free approach based on altering brain chemistry with diet, behaviors, activities, and thoughts. Diet and nutrition is one aspect of mental health (and general health) that is of importance when considering depression and (most, if not all) other mental health disorders. Much of the book, Potatoes Not Prozac (off-site link) is based on sound and proven nutrition, that is, the nutritional principles that lead to the insulin spike in diabetes, that highs and lows of eating sugary foods along with refined carbohydrates and white flour. DesMaisons links seretonin, endorphins and blood sugar level in itself simplest metabolic form, glucose, as the vital nutritional elements in fending off depression, alcohol addiction and sugar addiction. In any case, any alcoholic should read this book, most with depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD or other mental health disorders will benefit from the principles in Potatoes not Prozac. Self Help - Mental Health America - 9 Ideas for non-pharmaceutical self help in mental health.

Any book that gives good, sound guidelines on diet and nutrition is of value for those with depression. By keeping a careful journal of what you eat, eating three good meals a day, with an emphasis on a good breakfast, gradually cutting out sugary foods, learning to identify refined carbohydrates and hidden sugar in foods, you can get a handle on your diet, develop a healthier lifestyle and break free from the highs and lows of a sugary lifestyle. She presents her scientific evidence for some of her tangent ideas and claims in the appendix, referring to numerous clinical studies, some of them based on experiments with laboratory rats and mice.
It discusses sugar sensitivity, sugar addiction, how it relates to depression and also alcohol addiction and has good ideas on nutrition that should be incorporated in the lifestyle of anyone who has depression, obesity or alcohol addiction. Would recommend it as a general nutritional guide for anyone with mental health disorders of any type.
The majority of the book is devoted to the idea that sugar addiction is similar to other addictions such as that of alcohol, and that the two go more or less hand-in-hand. This can help with depression, ADHD and other mental health issues such as bipolar disorder (not mentioned in the book), as well as alcoholism and other compulsive disorders.

If you follow the program of Potatoes not Prozac strictly, that won’t hurt either, and can help you if your regressive dietary habits are strongly entrenched. Many alcoholics have established life patterns of poor nutrition that includes poor eating habits and sugar addiction.
The book is also good for anyone who has low blood sugar, diabetes, or a compulsive personality when it comes to any type of consumables.

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