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Actually,В I was kind of addicted (I use addictedВ loosely) to almond butter and that’s why I got fat. I will indeed support that overall, almonds are a great health food.В However, what I think you and I should be deeply careful about is not to adulterate a food by wolfing it down like it was going out of style and justifying it with a coarse defense.
Since I’m not planning on becoming an offensive lineman anytime soon, andВ I lack the self discipline to limit myself to just one serving, I determined almondsВ asВ a comfort food that should be eaten sparingly,В at least for me. So, do you have anyВ food kryptonite in your diet that’s holding you back from any of your health and fitness goals. For the almond base, I initially tried a combo of almond butter, coconut oil, and sweetener, which was super tasty, but the cups melted and were pretty greasy.
For a nut-free version, sub the almond meal for an equal amount of rolled oats (so use 1 cup total rolled oats).
Almond butter, otherwise known as heaven on a spoon, is simply a paste made from ground almonds. There’s no question that almond butter is paleo, but when purchased from the store, watch out for hidden sugars.

Additionally, watch your consumption because like other nuts and seeds, almonds contain anti-nutrients and higher levels of omega-6 fatty acids. On the plus side, almonds and therefore, almond butter are rich in magnesium, vitamin E, calcium and potassium, but remember to take it easy and consume in moderation!
The only difference is that I’m able to control myself to one serving, unlike roasted almond butter or almonds. That’s why I encourage you to take an objective look at your diet and make any appropriate changes.
Aside from my precious sweet potatoes, I’ve been relying heavily on raw foods to make up much of my diet. In an effort to make the base more substantial, I reduced the almond butter and added in almond meal and a touch of oat flour. Add the nut butter, coconut oil, maple syrup (or agave), cinnamon, vanilla, and salt into the bowl.
Often times, the almonds are roasted first and then blended with a little sea salt to produce the creamy or chunky paste we know as almond butter.

All you do is throw in some almonds – raw or toasted – and sea salt, then blend until a smooth and creamy paste forms.
This creates a healthy relationship instead of one that revolves around eating it because it only tastes good.В This is what I forgot with almond butter. While the building blocks of this fat are better than those in other saturated fats, like butter, because it is plant based, it is still something that needs to be limited in consumption (because all saturated fats should be limited in consumption). It’s a process and that is what is important to understandВ if you have an issue with a food like I did with almond butter.
Eric declared them one of his favourite treats and this is coming from a non-almond butter fan. I have a peanut butter cup recipe on the blog already (oh, and peanut butter cups in a jar, let’s not forget), but I wanted to make something with the batch of raw almond butter I made recently.

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