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Computer Aided Design (CAD) is automated software that aids in the drafting of a design, part or tooling and provides a graphical display. CEI specializes in building Progressive Dies, Compound Dies, Draw Dies, and Hand Transfer Dies. Our impressive design engineering department utilizes NX Die Wizard for our 3D tooling designs. Our Design Engineer’s skills are also utilized in Die Repair, Reverse Engineering, and Rapid Prototyping.

Our state of the art tool room helps us meet the most demanding customer requirements and achieve the finest quality in Precision Tools to produce parts in-house with the help of highly trained toolmakers and the finest design engineers. Includes concept, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance support of tools, dies, jigs and fixtures.
We build dies for both in-house production as well as custom dies for large global companies.
From progressive stamping dies to specialized forming dies, our engineers are equipped to model, prototype, and engineer the tools for your job.

Tooling fixtures that we produce include checking fixtures, inspection gauges, assembly fixtures, and automation equipment.

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