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The bow features a riser built with a new, proprietary carbon technology, a single-cam system that produces good speeds, parallel glass composite limbs and more. Diamond’s Carbon Cure is built on the Knight Riser platform, which BOWTECH unveiled to the archery industry last year. Bottom line — the Carbon Cure is super light, flex tested to 800 pounds and has proven itself durable through thousands upon thousands of shot cycles without a failure. The Cure’s grip is formed by the contoured handle area, which is set to an angle designed to produce a neutral wrist position. A section of the Cure’s riser is actually shaped into a limb cradle and plays a vital part in controlling and aligning the limbs.
While shooting the Carbon Cure, it was hard not to focus on the extreme lightweight handling.

Diamond Archery Carbon Cure Compound Bow Package -Diamond is proud to introduce the Carbon Cure. Diamond Archery Carbon Cure Compound Bow Package -The draw length can be adjusted from 27in to 30.5in on Diamond's user friendly rotating module system.
This month I took it out to shoot it and did like the way it shoots but after about 20 to 30 shots thru the carbon cure I noticed the string next to the cam was damaged so I took it back to sportsman's to have them look at it and they think it is a cam issue being to close to the string I am hopping I can exchange the bow for one that does not have issues.
The funny thing my is my son in law also bought the carbon cure this month and has the same issue so he also took it back and is looking on getting a different bow.
While little detail is available about the processes used to manufacture this riser, the company does make it clear the material is carbon fiber. Diamond is now applying that concept in the carbon arena and challenging the higher price tags that tend to be the norm.

The Cure is advertised to reach IBO speeds of 325 fps on a 7-inch brace height and 80 percent letoff. Constructed of a perfectly measured carbon compound, the Knight Riser is designed to be tough as diamonds while remaining light as a vapor.

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