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Here's the traditional indian sweet made using a combination of low-fat and full-fat milk, as compared to the other sweets which are made only using low-fat milk. In recent times, Diabetes Mellitus, commonly known as diabetes, has turned out as the largest prevalent chronic disease across the world. Diabetes can be caused due to many reasons, but there are two chief reasons that commonly cause this disorder.В First one is when, the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar level. Type 1 Diabetes: Type 1 diabetes is a kind of auto-immune disease, caused when the immune system turns against the body.
Type 2 Diabetes: Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the body cells fail to use the insulin that is produced by the pancreas. The early signs of diabetes should not be ignored because it can lead to serious complications in future. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, the worst thing you can do is worrying and stressing about the matter. Research shows that a low calorie vegetarian diet helps in controlling diabetes and regulating the glucose level in blood. Overweight or obese people have a greater risk of developing diabetes compared to people with normal weight.
Inflammation and free radical damage are two of the most harmful side effects of type 2 diabetes. Soda in any form- diet or plain is extremely harmful for diabetics because it promotes weight gain and reduces the body’s ability of absorbing glucose. Type 2 diabetes can also be controlled effectively by using natural home remedies like methi or fenugreek seeds, karela or bitter gourd and cinnamon.

Diabetes and desserts don’t go together and people suffering from diabetes are cruelly deprived of delicious and mouthwatering sweet dishes.
Treat yourself with a vanilla ice cream this summer with this recipe that is ideal for diabetics. Kheer is a traditional sweet dish of India that has an amazingly rich taste and intense flavors. Firni is an extremely popular and delicious Indian delicacy prepared by boiling rice paste in milk. This is yet another traditional Indian cold dessert that has a rich flavorful taste and buttery smooth texture.
In controlled quantity (1 cup each day), it can help in controlling diabetes, but not with cream, sugar and milk.
I want ask for my mother,she is 46 year old lady and recently suffer from diabetes and high blood pleasure problem as she have always suffering headaches problem.so can you plz give me some suggestions or diet chart so that it can help to keep her healthy. Sweet caramelized pears are the highlight of this comforting, custardy, raisin-studded bread pudding.
You don’t have to skip dessert with our diet dessert recipes, which are low in calories and saturated fat. Global statistics show that approximately 382 million people all over the world were suffering from diabetes in the year 2013.
But worry no more, we have listed a selection of easy to make and healthy dessert recipes ideal for diabetics. Lightly grease 4 individual ramekins or ovenproof dishes (about 1 cup capacity each) or a 4-6 cup capacity ovenproof dish.

Our healthy cake recipes, cheesecake recipes, pudding recipes, and ice cream recipes will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you on track. While the basic causes of diabetes are genetic susceptibility or insulin resistance, the modern day sedentary lifestyle, physical inactivity and obesity can also play a dominant role in causing diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is more common among children and young adults and is also known as juvenile diabetes. Gestational Diabetes: Gestational diabetes occurs in women during pregnancy when the insulin receptors fail to function properly. People suffering from diabetes are suggested to lose weight through exercise because intense workouts burn the stored glucose in the body. Of course you must let go of the sugar, milk and cream if you want to keep diabetes under control. Research shows that people who drink 4 cups of green tea per day are at 16% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to those who don’t drink green tea. Whether you’re making a quick weeknight dessert or an elegant dessert for your next dinner party, our diet dessert recipes are delicious sweet treats. Diabetes should not be ignored at any cost because once intensified, this disease can lead to heart disease, stroke, foot ulcers, kidney failure, and eye damage. Following these easy and simple steps can help you control diabetes in an effective and healthy way.

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