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One dilemma that all diabetics face is the choice between what they should and should not eat. A high fiber and low glycemic index diet is an ideal one that will help them maintain a constant. Whole wheat, fresh green veggies, pulses and foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids are apt for keeping a diabetic healthy. To help you jazz up the breakfast table with a healthy, nutritious and tasty meal, we've listed down 10 easy diabetic-friendly recipes.

Indiatimes virality graphThe graph shows how relevant this story is on social networks real-time. Thus, when you are a diabetic patient preparing a breakfast everyday can be challengin, if you are a big fan of south Indian dishes like idlis and dosas. Chicken is a versatile, lean protein, and these diabetic recipes for chicken offer many delicious options for every night of the week. Our delectable recipe uses Italian turkey sausage, rather than pork, and omits all the butter and cream to cut the fat by two-thirds.

If you have diabetes—or if you’re cooking for someone who does—you don’t have to eat special foods or be excluded from what “everyone else” is eating. These Thanksgiving recipes are updates of classic dishes and twists on traditional fare, made healthy by using high-impact flavors like fresh herbs, spices and seasonal fruits and vegetables to minimize the need for gobs of butter, cream and salt.

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