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MILLIONS of people with Type 2 diabetes have been given fresh hope after researchers discovered a short-term “crash diet” can reverse the killer ­condition.
A MAN has told how he reversed his diabetes in 11 days after embarking on a “starvation” diet.
Trials at Newcastle University put 11 patients on a diet of liquid drinks, vitamins, minerals and vegetables.

After one week blood sugar levels were normal and three months later, after going back to usual eating, seven patients were still cured. Trial member Gordon Parmley, 67, from Stocksfield, Northumberland, said: “I came off my tablets and had three diet shakes a day.
Professor Roy Taylor, who led the study, said: “For many years, it’s been assumed Type 2 diabetes is a life sentence.

Around 2.5 million people in the UK are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and 850,000 more are thought to have it without realising.

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