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Detox benefits: This pose not only boosts your lymphatic system, but it also helps to get your blood flowing.
How to do it: Step into a lunge position, with one foot forward in a 90-degree angle and the other straight behind you.
Detox benefits: This pose is harder than it looks and that’s because it works many parts of your body.
Detox benefits: Our core is the most connected part of the body and many yogis say it is directly related to our willpower and strength. Detox benefits: This super simple pose packs a powerful punch when it comes to getting rid of those nasties.

Detox benefits: Twisting poses are all about aiding digestion, which encourages the elimination of wastes (also known as "detoxification"). Cross your right leg over so that your right foot is positioned on the outside of your left knee. Yoga helps you to remain in the present, moving forward, never looking back.The right yoga routine can also help you detox your body and mind. Yoga guru and health coach at The Wellness Project, Claire Obeid, shows us how they’re done. With its focus on stretching and compressing every part of the body — especially the ab area — detox yoga facilitates cleansing and elimination.

Anywhere between those two hand positions that feels good on wrists is where you want to be.) Bend elbows toward one another and start to lean forward, guiding elbows toward navel.

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