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I’d been wanting to do a quick detox when I discovered local juice line, Roots Juices, had a five-day, pre-packaged detox kit. Detoxification of the lower intestines and colon will help improve your overall health, and help reduce the chances of colon disorders and disease. The Clear Digest Detox capsules contain psyllium, known for its gentle, natural laxative action that helps bind toxic substances and stimulates bowel movement for proper elimination.

The Milk Thistle capsules help promote toxin elimination from the body by cleansing the liver, lower intestines and bowels to improve general health and digestive function.
After calculating the cost of the usual weekly expenses (one grocery store trip, one happy hour, one dinner out, multiple work lunches), it rounds out to nearly the price of this detox. Plus, after comparing it to theВ well knownВ BluePrint Cleanse, a similar pre-packaged juice kit, Roots is a steal.

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