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The fruit basket holder has openings around the mouth so you can drink directly from the bottle without having to remove the basket. Drink more water and if possible bring your own bottle instead of buying water from the convenient store or supermarket.
Make sure that the water bottle that you are using is safe for reuse, BPA free and non-toxic. Recently, I bought more water bottles from BROS e-Store and all items were delivered to my doorstep in tip top condition within 48 hours.
Each bottle is taken roughly at two-hour intervals, supplemented with plain water in between. I had 3 more bottles to go and according to the guide, I should take the last bottle 2 hours before bedtime.

Before heading out for a wedding dinner, I took the final and last bottle of the day, Almond Mylk. I brought the first 4 bottles with me knowing it would be a mad dash between teaching classes, attending day 2 of the Ashtanga workshop and another run to teach a prenatal yoga class. At 5pm, I had my first solid meal followed by the last bottle of Almond Mylk at around 8pm. The start of each day consisted of a bottle filled with organic kale, organic spinach, parsley, celery, lemon, apple and japanese cucumber. If there were something that I could change, it would be receiving the juices in glass bottles instead of plastic bottles. A pack of 2-day juice cleanse consisting of 12 bottles of freshly cold pressed juices starts from RM 198.

In this bottle there is carrot, beetroot, apple, lemon and (more) ginger (yay!) Beetroot gives a nice sweet earthy taste and is most distinct than the rest of the ingredients. I did however clarify this with the La Juiceria team and they gave a great explanation as to why they moved away from glass bottles (it did not come with a safety seal) towards plastic bottles (BPA free). With that said, I would still love to see them switch back to glass bottles, safety seals included with perhaps a recyclable incentive for re-orders.
Other ingredients included in this bottle is Himalayan crystal salt, agave nectar and alkaline water.

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