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I’ve been making this No Bake Cheesecake for over 15 years and it is still the one dessert that everyone requests at every family function.
I’ve come to realize if I want to introduce a new dessert the best way to do it is to bring along a cheesecake too.
Ordinarily I would make this no bake cheesecake in a 9 X 13 baking dish but I recently purchased a new baking tin by Chicago MetallicВ (6 cup lift and serve)В and I wanted to try it out. Whether you choose to top this No Bake Cheesecake with Cherry Topping, Blueberry Sauce or Dulce de Leche it’s definitely a winner! If you like baked cheesecake you may want to try my Chocolate Cheesecake with Chocolate Sauce, Butter Caramel Sauce and Toasted Hazelnuts. I recently made mini no bake oreo cheesecakes, and I will make again, but had trouble getting a nice shape, so loved the tip about using parchment paper to line whatever I use to make them.
Hi Susan, looking back at my beginning recipe writing I realize there was a lot of room for improvement, what I meant to say line the moulds or muffin cups (with removeable bottoms) with parchment paper collars. Hi Mariam, over the last little while I’ve gotten away from using prepackaged products like Cool Whip, now I whip my own heavy cream (whipping) cream (35%) to use in the recipe. Sorry, I should’ve stated the amount of cakes in the recipe (I usually make the 9 x 13). Growing up, my grandmother use to make these no-baked cheesecakes for Sunday dinners when she was pressed for time. She eventually starting selling these cheesecakes to make some extra money around the holiday time.

It’s hard to believe that this no bake cheesecake comes together with just 4 simple ingredients. Now you can have all the recipes on Divas Can Cook in an organized, printer-friendly format!
Plus making mini cheesecakes gives you the opportunity to serve them with various toppings and it’s also a great way to give your guests a choice.
I make so many cheesecakes throughout the year I decided to take advantage of the fresh bounty this past summer and I canned my own cherry and blueberry topping, what a difference it made! Remove ring moulds and paper collars and transfer each cheesecake to a dessert plate using an offset spatula.
I prefer to use a piping bag because I find it much easier than using a spoon to fill because I can pipe right up to the sides (when I remove the collar I get a better look on the outside of the cheesecake). The cool whip can most definitely be replaced, in fact, I have stopped using it in my recipe and I should probably offer the substitution. I’ve not modified this recipe to add strawberry only because my family is so set in their ways for the longest time this was the only dessert I could prepare. The capacity of each cup for the 6 cup lift and serve is 8 ounces, much larger than your typical mini cheesecake pan (12 cup) (more like the size of mini cakes).
I'm Monique, the slightly crazy chick that's gonna be guiding you through all of these recipes! I would like to try the traditional method at some point but this recipe was so easy and the taste was magnificent.

If using muffin tin, carefully push up the base of each individual muffin cup to release each cheesecake.
I would love to do this cheesecake filling in little chocolate cups for my sister’s 30th as she has said she would love to see some pink colour in the food. If I were to adapt the recipe I would add strawberry in one of two ways, either by folding in a strawberry purГ©e or by making a quickie homemade strawberry jam.
He’s only had the kind of cheesecake that was baked or the fluffy kind with cool whip. She past away 10 years ago when I was 20 and I could not remember how she made her cheesecake, but I knew it only required simple ingredients. This does not taste like cheesecake, but rather a typical lemon ice box pie made with sweetened condensed milk. I appreciate the effort and you sharing, but sorry Diva, this recipe is my first flop from you.
Using an offset spatula carefully release the cheesecake from the removable bottoms and transfer cheesecakes to dessert plates. You can still have your (cheese)cake and eat it, too, with these simple no-bake cheesecake recipes.

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