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Yes, you no longer need to pine for our Peruvian chicken meals – we have replicated a paleo version for Real Life Paleo! As Autumn approaches, I cannot wait for healing braised dishes to once again arrive on our table multiple times a week! Building upon the popular guides and tools we provided in 3 Phase Paleo, we’ve gone above and beyond in creating even more in beautiful easy-to-read formatting for Real Life Paleo.
We want this book to be THE book you can give to the family member who refuse to try going Paleo because of those one or two things they’re not willing to give up.
We want this book to be THE book you use in your own life to make Paleo easy, sustainable and healing – no matter where you are in your journey. At that time we didn’t even have a name for the book, we just knew we were going to make our first general cookbook. I’m having a (second) baby soon and have talked my husband diving into paleo more deeply after we get through the holidays.

Sign-up to stay up to date on NEW POSTS & RECIPES, events, exclusive COUPONS, and practical tips of our REAL LIFE APPROACH to a HEALTHY LIFE - delivered WEEKLY to your inbox! But shortly thereafter we launched what became our incredibly popular first eBook, 3 Phase Paleo; and after our audience and publisher asked us to add the same approach toВ Real Life Paleo and it became much more than we anticipated.
We don’t just give you recipes, Real Life Paleo teaches you how to put Paleo meals on your table. Instead of trying to explain or give a list (although we do provide full weekly meal plans for each phase), we not only photographed all the recipes inВ Real Life Paleo, but created Meal Ideas for Setting Your Paleo Table. They were one of the first recipes we made for Real Life Paleo and if you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw the teaser I put up there almost a year ago when we first made them. Now you can search the #reallifepaleo on IG for a glimpse at all the photoshoots and foods made. But at the time all we knew was that this was the third in what we planned to be a trifecta of paleo books.

If you like our Creamy Coconut Macaroons, it’s high time you try our Cranberry Orange (no bake) Coconut Bars! I admit, I came here for the recipe, but I’m leaving with the book (well, in November).
That super popular, super simple, super amazingly delicious dough was then sandwiched into layer bars with a crust of fresh dates & nuts (because, yum) and topped with a jelly made of fresh cranberries and orange zest.

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