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Served hot or cold, this vegan rice pudding recipe is the ideal summertime dessert all year round.
I participated in a Twinkie eating contest once in college (before the vegan days of course), but it was more about speed than amount. Maybe dumb question but how do I print the recipe – love to have it in the kitchen when making the item.
I just go to the search bar & highlight the link, then email it to myself & put the recipe title in the subject line!
Top with your favorite dried or fresh fruits or make a DIY rice pudding topping bar at your next party for a healthy dessert recipe you’ll be salivating for (because we are!). When I tell folks that I’m vegan, they often marvel that I had the willpower to give up chocolate. Here are 5 recipes for delicious sweet treats that don’t call for animal ingredients!

I was literally just looking on pinterest for a healthier banana pudding them decided to come look here, begging you to have a new banana pudding post. The graham cracker looks yummy, but I’m from the south, so I need to find some good Nilla Wafer vegan sub! While a good scoop of Rocky Road definitely won’t hurt anyone, here at The Beauty Bean we try to keep it healthy whenever possible.
It’s easy as (vegan) pie to whip up cruelty-free desserts that even your omnivore friends will drool over. If you care about animal rights (not welfare) then the only truly ethical way to live that conviction is veganism. Like, I were a vegan, and someone chose to only buy organically and humanely raised animals, that’d be fine by me. So, we’ve created our own dairy-free, sugar-free and flavor-packed “ice cream” made of wholesome, healthy ingredients that will make sure summer doesn’t turn you into a Ms.

Something is always better than nothing, and this girl seems to think that vegetarians are cruel beings.
Needless to say, I didn’t come close to winning the contest, but the banana pudding was delicious and I didn’t end up with a stomachache like I’m sure the winner must have gotten… He ate almost 2 pounds of banana pudding in under 5 minutes! It makes it hard for the rest of us to get a vegan meal at this restaurant if you set the precedence that vegan food includes fish”).

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