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So, if I’m deprived of a dietary source of glucose, I depend solely on my liver to release glycogen (a process known as hepatic glucose output, or HGO). Take home message #2: No glucose for 24-72 hours equals the need for something else the brain can use instead (that is not fat or protein, since neurons can’t oxidize fat and the last thing we want to do is start muscle wasting at a geometric rate). To think of it another way, if you start with stored energy – glucose or fat, for example, which if burned in calorimeter will give off varying amounts of heat – and you’re willing to convert their carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen molecules into another form with less energy – water and carbon dioxide which, if burned, produce very little heat – it’s a fair trade!  The ETC is simply the vehicle that allows our body to make the switch.
In the absence of acetyl CoA (several ways this can happen, including substrate shortage, as I’m describing here) we evolved a cool trick.  Our liver can make – out of fat or protein, though we much prefer to use fat so we can spare our protein and prevent severe muscle wasting – something called beta-hydroxybutyrate, one of the 3 ketone bodies I described above.
B-OHB and acetoacetate (see figure below from this paper by Cahill and Veech, 2003) are produced by the liver from long and medium chain fatty acids and released into the bloodstream.
Acetoacetic acid and B-OHB live in reversible equilibrium (on the left), but once acetoacetate is converted to acetone (on the right) there’s no going back. The reason a starving person can live for 40-60 days is precisely because we can turn fat into ketones and convert ketones into substrate for the Krebs Cycle in the mitochondria of our neurons. The graph below, also from the Cahill and Veech paper, shows the blood chemistry of a person starving for 40 days.В  Within about 3 days, a starving person’s level of glucose stops falling. In an earlier post I explained the difference between nutritional ketosis (NK) and diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). When not spending my days cavorting about in my size 9 Calvin Klein skirts and super-skinny True Religion jeans, I’m holding down a job as a tech executive, learning a foreign language, and spending time with one of my friends planning a book project about logic. Like most Silicon Valley workplaces, we are very diverse and to comment on what other people eat would be extremely rude. TO: john pelley July 10, 2014 above If you want a paradigm shift in exercise and health, checkout Dr.
This mindset is pervasive…and oddly enough, I have only heard this rhetoric from physicians of at best average health and fitness levels admonishing their patients for being overweight on the exact same type of diet!

Now that this research is beginning to see the light of day, not because it was in some textbook or learned in nutrition classes, or because the peer-reviewed journal entries made huge wide-spread public attention, but almost exclusively due to the number of common people who have looked at it’s science, tested it out on themselves, and have decided to follow it because of how well it worked and is working for them. Without all all of the common people benefiting and demonstrating the reality of this, it would still be considered pseudo-science by the leading scientific authorities of our day, and in fact, it sort of is.
Fortunately, the nutrition and anti-meat special interest groups are not as powerful as some others are, and they’re slowly giving way to the overwhelming abundance of evidence that is mounting up due to the everyday common people who are using this ketogenic idea. I imagine that inevitably, health classes in elementary, middle, and high schools all across the U.S. If someone’s says this, you know they do not understand the least of how the body works, and they probably have never tried themselves to stay in ketosis state for a longer period.
Actually, I was reading somewhere online, you might have to google it, that doing 3 to 4 day fasts, like Biblical fasts, as in you eat nothing, is very possibly one of the most effective means of fighting cancer and preventing it. The article talked about the benefits to fighting and preventing cancer using a keto-dieting approach, saying that cancer survives best in a body with plenty of carbs, glucose, and proteins like glutamine found in many meats.
Well, interestingly enough, now it seems like there may also be a rather incredible health benefit from doing periodic fasting of a such magnitude, and that is the potential for making an inhospitable and deadly environment for any cells that happen to turn into cancers that perhaps we are unaware.
I just thought that was fascinating and compelling enough to post along with the main idea of this post. This is another rendition of the figure above showing the Krebs Cycle, but here you can see where B-OHB and acetoacetate enter the picture.
I spent days and days making sourdough rye bread by hand to try to ferment out all the anti-nutrients.
I know a lot of people are going to hate me for saying this, but it’s the left wing that has taken over most of our research and research labs. And some are just comfortable with the life, and have become greedy and scared of losing it.

It also talks about how the cancer can still survive in low-carb environment because of the glutamines and I think some other proteins that it can still use for energy. I do hope I have not offended anyone, but as I would tolerate anothers trying to relate this to Atheism and the benefits inherent in an evolutionary evaluation of our current diet, i.e. Technically, the term ketone denotes an organic molecule where a carbon atom, sandwiched between 2 other carbon atoms (denoted by R and R’), is double-bonded to an oxygen atom. But, to understand how we survived requires one more trip down biochemistry memory lane.В  In the figure below (also included and described in the video) I gloss over a pretty important detail. At 5pm, I’m calm, ready to keep going, and want to finish the action items, whereas everyone else gets really cranky, complains how mentally tired they are and has to end the meetings so they can review the final numbers-based decisions the next morning. They are going to use their political allies influence and power over research funding and labs and schools to do whatever they can to prove themselves right, their opposition wrong, and to make their opposition sound as psuedo-science, bought-out, and brainwashed as possible. Fasting was a part of the law that was finished and no longer necessary to be followed when the Messiah came. Look throughout history, modern societies of the day are often full of people trying to subvert, in some way, science that they feel will affect their place and power in society. The article went on to explain more specifics like that this and that forms or prevents the formation of, but the general message there was that there is potential being shown that having fasts like that can actually both prevent and fight cancer. This helped me and some other people I know to break through what the Atkins people call a plateau. However, the disciples who wrote the Bible after Christ ascended into heaven, they kept on with it and told all other Christians to continue fasting.

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