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Before eating and at 15-minute intervals for up to two hours afterwards, the participants recorded their feelings of hunger, desire to eat, fullness and satisfaction in a questionnaire widely used in scientific studies to measure feelings and attitudes.The pomegranate extract group felt less hungry (by an average of 12 per cent), had less desire to eat (21 per cent), felt fuller (16 per cent) and more satisfied (15 per cent). And now pomegranate appears to have an extra benefit - it cuts hunger pangs.Scientists say regular consumption of pomegranate extract may reduce feelings of hunger, while increasing the sensation of being full.

Volunteers who took a pomegranate supplement daily for three weeks reported feeling significantly less hungry during the experiment than those who had a placebo insteadWhen given a plate of food as part of the trial, those who had been taking the extract ate an average of 22 per cent less than those in the control group, but reported greater enjoyment of the food.A total of 29 volunteers took part in the study carried out by Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. The present study shows that pomegranate extract can promote satiety by reducing hunger and desire to eat and enhancing fullness and satisfaction''These results indicate that pomegranate extract consumption may have the potential to assist in the challenge of reducing risk factors for overweight and obesity.The research team plan to back up the pilot study with wider research.

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