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I love the tip that Mike, Dad Cooks Dinner, recently gave in a post about using the instruction manuals as a guide. If you have limited space and do a lot of quick cooking items, like veggies, a stove top may be a better choice, but for tenderizing meats, soups and stews, I think most will like an electric pressure cooker. I don’t have a stove top pressure cooker and have not used one (although I have fond memories of meals my mom made in her stove top pressure cooker). No matter which pressure cooker you have, I hope I can inspire you to pull it out of the cupboard and start using it! There among the skillet sets and ice cream machines, a big stack of boxed pressure cookers formed a kind of appliance pyramid. And according to the words on the package, this not-much-bigger-than-my-slow-cooker gizmo could cook up to 70 percent faster than traditional stove-top methods.
The two dishes were a nice start, but I wanted expert advice, so I loaded my electric whiz-bang cooker in my car and headed for Broadway by Amar Santana. Loading Arborio rice and hen of the woods mushrooms into the machine, Santana explained that he realized the value of a pressure cooker when cooking at the Pigs & Pinot culinary fundraiser in the Sonoma Valley.
It took 5 minutes for enough pressure to build up for the timer to start the countdown, so it took a whooping 12 minutes for the risotto to be ready.
For his hummus, he says that he pressure-cooks dried, soaked garbanzo beans about 35 minutes.

Steam trapped in the pot builds up pressure that creates hotter temperatures, and the pot is so tightly sealed that vitamins and minerals can't boil away.
Nothing can beat those classic childhood recipes, especially when they taste as good as this grilled cheese with a savory side of tomato soup! Your cook time may be slightly shorter for quick cooking items such as veggies with a stove top pressure cooker. When I’m converting recipes for my pressure cooker, I use myВ Cuisinart Recipe BookletВ as a guide all the time. I don’t have to worry about figuring out what temperature to put my stove at, the pressure cooker sets the temperature. Make better tasting meals in a fraction of the time in an easy-to-use electric pressure cooker.
Place rice, broth, wine, shallot and mushrooms in electric pressure cooker; stir to combine.
Not only is this great-tasting recipe reminiscent of the good ol’ days but it improves on the classic dish and makes it gourmet.
This recipe is an exact copycat of an Italian beef you can get in Chicago, so now you don’t have to make the trip! The kick is not only in spice, but in how much better this recipe is compared to any other garlic shrimp pasta you’ve ever had!

Mike gaveВ links to other pressure cooker recipe booklets that are online andВ will help you determine the proper cooking time for your stove top pressure cooker. I, of course, took some liberties with the recipe, garnishing the soupy concoction with baked strips of corn tortillas, shredded Jack cheese and some chunks of avocado. Features variable pressure and temperature settings, plus Browning, Simmering and Sauté functions for perfect roasts, stews, vegetables, cheesecake or custard.
If I have to run to the store in the middle of pressure cooking, the pressure cooker automatically switches to keep warm, so I feel comfortable leaving it unattended. Even after all these years of pressure cooking, I’m still quite cautious when using the stovetop cooker. The Cuisinart™ Pressure Cooker is absolutely safe, with a lid that has to be locked in place before pressure builds, and stays locked until pressure is released. The beef pressured cooked with a mirepoix (finely chopped onion, carrot, celery) which gave the sauce a pleasing taste and aroma. Stir in bell pepper and jalapeno; cook 4 to 5 minutes, or until all vegetables are softened.

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