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While these foods are generally recommended during a flare, Crohn's disease affects everyone differently. This is a soothing option for people dealing with active Crohn's flare-ups; just be sure to buy a brand that is fortified with iron and zinc. Bananas are generally well tolerated during flare-ups and provide a good source of potassium.
Fish and skinless poultry tend to be very well tolerated during flare-ups and provide ample amounts of protein (and some iron), which is vital.
For patients suffering from Crohn’s disease, simply getting enough nutrients in a daily diet is challenging enough. Some Crohn’s patients erroneously believe diet and exercise can help beat Crohn’s, but there is no scientific data to support that theory. The goal is to use a diet to help battle the symptoms of Crohn’s, but this is mostly about which food to avoid, rather than which foods to seek out. Raw fruits and vegetables: While fruits and vegetables are essential to a nutritious diet, in raw form these foods can cause gas.
High fiber foods: Also a gas producer, Crohn’s patients should avoid these foods as much as possible to maintain ease on the digestive tract. Alcohol: Not only will alcohol potentially have a negative interaction with any Crohn’s medications you’re currently taking, it may dehydrate you, making it difficult for you to drink enough water to maintain a balance. While there is no evidence to support that certain foods can trigger Crohn’s symptoms, it’s helpful to stay away from foods that you find make symptoms worse. For Crohn’s patients interested in keeping symptoms at bay without increasing medications, gaining control over your nutritional intake may be the key to finding a way to manage Crohn’s symptoms while being as healthy as possible. The foods that you put into your body can have an impact on the severity of your Crohn’s symptoms.
In this slideshow, we overview some foods that Crohn’s patients have reported benefits from.

Oily fish such as salmon, tuna, and herring may help with some of your Crohn’s symptoms (Cleveland Clinic, 2009).
A diet containing plenty of fruits and vegetables can help make symptoms less severe (UMMC, 2010). For many Crohn’s patients, carrots can be a great vegetable for getting your fill of nutrients without aggravating symptoms. Cheese can be a great way to put calcium back into your diet without having to get it from milk.
If you suffer from Crohn’s, you may find it helpful to avoid cereals that are high in fiber, especially whole-wheat or whole-grain cereals. High-calorie liquid nutritional formulas, such as those produced by Ensure, can potentially be great for use during a Crohn’s flare-up (NDDIC, 2011). Work with your doctor or a registered dietitian to determine the best meal plan for you and avoid any foods that worsen your symptoms. It's a quick source of energy and a great fall-back meal that can help maintain your weight during times of flare-ups. By adding banana slices to low-fiber breakfast cereals, creamy yogurts, and cottage cheese, you can easily boost the nutrition and flavor.
During times of flare-ups, people often experience pain that causes them to self-limit their diet. And soft cooked carrots are one of the few vegetables that are well tolerated during a flare-up. Typically, these types of cereals raise an eyebrow with my health-conscious crowd; but during flare-ups when your digestive tract needs a rest from fiber-rich whole grains, these refined, fortified cereals are a perfect option. It’s first important to understand why bad nutrition can harm you as a Crohn’s patient before you can understand what to do to make sure you get those nutrients. By doing this, Crohn’s patients are able to relieve symptoms like diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Crohn’s patients identify various foods as triggers, and others as foods that help ease symptoms.
By eating one or more of these foods during a flare-up, you may be able to reduce symptoms and lead a more pain-free life. If, however, you find that raw fruits exacerbate a flare-up, give unsweetened applesauce and bananas a try. During a Crohn’s flare-up, be sure to cook the carrots until they’re soft and tender, as cooked carrots aren’t only easy to digest, but they also contain antioxidants that may help with Crohn’s symptoms (Aghdassi et al., 2003).
As was mentioned earlier, dairy products such as cheese can be hard on digestion for some Crohn’s patients. These shakes, which come in a variety of palatable flavors, are packed with the nutrients you may be missing by having to avoid certain foods that you find aggravate symptoms. Toss your pasta with olive oil or a healthy soft-tub spread to increase the flavor as well as the calories. During a time of flare-up, though, it's important not to eat the skin of potatoes as they might aggravate the inflamed portion of your intestine. You may want to avoid yogurts, however, if you find you have trouble with digestion of dairy proteins, as this can make Crohn’s-associated diarrhea and gas symptoms worse.
These include refined cereals, such as Cream of Wheat, and dry cereals such as Special K, Corn Flakes, and Rice Krispies (Mayo Clinic, 2011; NIH, 2012). Speak with your doctor about when it's a good time to start easing up on your diet to include more whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and other sources of dietary fiber.
It should be noted that Ensure contains dairy, however, which may not agree with certain Crohn’s patients.

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