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Pop the chicken tenders in the oven, and soon the heavenly buffalo wing aromas will fill your kitchen…without all that nasty smelling grease if you would have if you were frying them.
If chicken fingers and nuggets are all your kids want for dinner, try these quick and easy recipes instead of resorting to fast food. Pecan-Crusted Chicken TendersCrunchy chicken fingers get faux-fry flavor after a quick bake in the oven.
Coconut Chicken FingersKids love the sweetness that the coconut adds to the coating of the chicken.
Chicken Nugget TacosYour kids will be in dinner heaven when you combine two of their favorite dinners into one with these chicken nugget tacos. Pan-Fried Chicken Fingers with Spicy Dipping SauceIf all your kids ever want for dinner are chicken fingers, no worries.
Buffalo-Seasoned Chicken Fingers With Blue Cheese Dipping SauceFor a super-easy weeknight dinner, start with frozen breaded chicken breast strips and add a little kick with Buffalo-style hot sauce. Oven "Fried" Chicken Fingers with Honey-Mustard Dipping SauceThe coating of breadcrumbs and crushed cornflakes makes these chicken fingers extra crispy.
Kickin' Chicken NuggetsThese nuggets bring on the heat with a coating of Parmesan cheese and crushed spicy pita chips. We call for chicken breast tenders here to keep things easy, but you can also use skinless, boneless chicken breasts (which are less expensive). Oven-Baked Chicken FingersHeating your baking sheet prior to cooking ensures crispier results for your chicken fingers.
Breaded, oven-fried zucchini chips taste like they’re fried, yet they are baked and amazingly crispy.

The photo in the magazine of the super-crunchy chicken reminded me of the Shake-n-Bake chicken my mom would make when I was a kid.
Bake for 20 minutes or until crumb coating is crusty and browned and the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 165 degrees. My new obsession is baked chicken tenders breaded in crushed chex cereal, and instead of using buttermilk to bread them you use dijon mustard. Using chicken tenders to achieve weight loss goals is all about following a few simple rules. Although the most common examples of chicken tenders are fried, grilling presents a healthier alternative for enjoying this favorite food.
Repeat for remaining chicken strips, then discard all remaining ingredients in dipping bowls. Some of America's favorite foods such as Burger King Chicken Tenders should be eaten sparingly or removed from the diet completely.
Eating chicken tenders won't help with exercise so it's a question of reducing the amount that you eat.
One-by-one place the buttermilk chicken into the shallow plate and coat with crumb mixture. If you're in love with the King's tenders follow these tips to continue eating them while losing weight. If it's the flavor you love, chop up four tenders into smaller pieces and add them to mid morning salads or snacks in the early afternoon. If you love fried chicken and chicken tenders, look up some ways to prepare these foods with a little less grease and fewer calories.

Chicken tenders can be used in healthy choices, and that's something any King can get behind.
If you take these precautions, you should be able to indulge in some delicious chicken tenders from time to time.A three-piece serving of Arby's chicken tenders contains 350 calories, with 150 of those coming from fat. Five of Zaxby's chicken fingers or tenders are about 430 calories.Adding Parmesan cheese to your chicken tenders breading may be delicious, but it also adds calories. Which I could write a whole other post on how my mom use to make what we called cornflake chicken when I was a kid.
Using cooking spray and baking the tenders rather than frying them in oil is a much healthier way to prepare the meal.If you are too busy to prepare the chicken strips or tenders and fry them yourself, you may choose to purchase frozen chicken tenders. Tyson chicken strips contain 20 percent of your daily sodium intake in just one serving, so be sure to limit the amount that you and your family consume.When you are calculating the calories chicken tenders have, remember to include the sauces and dips that you plan to have with them. A small cup of Zaxby's sauce, added to the 430 calories in the chicken tenders, creates a total count of 610. When you eat chicken tenders, you are likely to consume much more sauce than that two tablespoons, unless you carefully measure your serving of sauces or other dips.Chicken tenders are delicious, especially when breaded and fried. If you reach your calorie goal for the week or the month, reward yourself with a meal of tasty chicken tenders and a side of grilled or steamed veggies.Instead of chicken, consider incorporating additional servings of fish into your diet. Grilled, steamed, fried, or cooked in the pan with a little olive oil and seasoning, fish is a delicious main course.

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