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This has Hollywood written all over it: The Master Cleanse (most notably The Lemonade Diet portion of it). Why it might work: Besides that fact that not eating any actual food is bound to cause you to drop a few pounds, there are a few reasons why this seemingly insane cleanse just might equal desired results. The other most notable effect of the spicy lemonade concoction is the very thing that sets it apart from plain lemonade: the hot cayenne kick. Why it might not be the best idea: The downfall of salads in the dieting world is the second-though (or no thought) toppings that end up being calorie dense and score poorly on their nutrition profile.
Why it might work: Being told you can never eat something again, especially a favorite food, can be downright scary and intimidating.
For starters, nothing kicks the body into overdrive than being adequately hydrated — it allows the rest of the body’s systems to work as intended.

Technically, spicy foods can speed up your metabolism, such as those containing capsaicin, the component that gives foods like hot peppers their noticeable kick.
Not necessarily the kind that won’t climb right back on as soon as you eat food you actually need to chew, but nothing like clearing out the intestines to make that dreaded number on the scale go down.
One that involves renouncing one of the most annoying grooming rituals of all time: shaving your legs. Scientists who studied a group of rats found that capsaicin, the active ingredient in some hot peppers, may actually inhibit fat accumulation. Dutch scientists discovered that people who took the time to inhale deeply and enjoy the smell of their food, actually took smaller bites. The kind with curves and definition, along with a woman who admits to working hard to look like that.

Especially right after having a baby that for some reason needed its own hospital wing to be born. If you go too crazy on cheat day, eating healthfully for the rest of the week may not be able to make up for that. The fats and protein are not only good for you nutritionally speaking, but they help stave off hunger, the dieter’s enemy number one.
Besides, once you know what it feels like to eat В a healthy diet, a day of poor food choices can leave you with an unpleasant food hangover, making it tough to get moving the next day, and exercise is definitely a big part of the diet equation.

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