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This method of eating involves eliminating all processed foods and food additives from your diet. The paleolithic diet , also known as the caveman diet, hunter-gatherer diet, or Stone Age diet, is a relatively new diet that has quickly become a favorite among athletes.
You will notice that the paleo diet and clean eating are similar in that all processed foods are discouraged. Yes, muscle building diets are not normal so today you’re getting a crash course on the basics. Note: The proper definition of a diet refers to the food choices you make on a daily basis.
I remember asking my Skinny Guy Savior (the ex-pro bodybuilder) what his secret to adding mass without fat and he says, “I stick to my diet year round. I stress that young bodybuilders still exercise discipline and cut back on unhealthy foods that are not on their regular muscle building diet during their offseason.

A muscle building diet is much better served by eating larger quantities of food that are clean rather than from junk calories.
For one junk food is high in one kind of fat you want to avoid at all costs in your muscle building diet: trans-fatty acids. The biggest mistake beginner bodybuilders make with their muscle building diet is missing meals by not having a regular meal cadence. Probably the biggest challenge of a muscle building diet is eating the right kinds of carbs at the right times.
Clean eating and the Paleo diet are the diets of choice for some athletesВ because these are eating practices that support a highly athletic lifestyle, muscle growth, and health body function.
However, the Paleo diet is much more restrictive than clean eating, as you can see with the following table. If you’re already on the paleo diet, then you will probably know that breakfast is a little harder as all those cereals, breads are all now off limits.

As you probably know rice is now allowed on the paleo diet so this makes for a great replacement. Including some natural peanut butter or almond butter is also an excellent way to enjoy your muscle building diet.
This diet follows the logic that the human body evolved to process pre-industrialization era foods, meaning Paleos only eat things that could have been hunted or gathered in the good ol’ days.
Often people refer to the word diet with fat loss, starvation and pain, which is incorrect use of the word diet.

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