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InВ DecemberВ 2012 Kelly was featured on the front cover of the January 2013 edition ofВ Cosmopolitan BodyВ magazine (published in the UK by Hearst Magazines).
Kelly explained that to get her body, she had to workout very hard, and she did not find it fun. Kelly says that if you wish to change your body you cannot just go on a diet, it really does take more. Kelly spoke mostly about the emotional journey that she has been on and how the biggest challenge has been in changing the way she thinks about herself, her body and her relationship with food.
Dancers need to ensure that they are well nourishedВ to allow them to train for many hours, while also making sure that they do not gain body fat. Generally a diet needs to ensure that carbohydrates are carefully controlled so that the muscles always have a good source of glycogen (a form of sugar that is created by the body to fuel the muscles) and plenty of protein (used to build and repair muscle tissue) without any excess.

Internet forums are filled with people who have fallen victim to this scam, like user M Dee who said:"I had [the pills] for 2 days only as I experienced severe cramps.
You need to get fitter too, as otherwise your muscles will just waste away and your body will cling on to its fat reserves. It was only after being on Dancing With The Stars that her dance partner, Louis Van Amstel, taught Kelly how to eat a healthy and nutritious diet.
For any athlete, and professional dancers are athletes, the biggest challenge is to provide the body with all the carbohydrates, fats and proteins that it requires to grow and stay fit and strong without overeating, as this causes weight gain.
You need to prompt your body to burn fat for energy, and aerobic exercise is needed for this. 3 years later she is 69 pounds lighter and on the front cover of Cosmopolitan Body magazine.

I have contacted my bank and they were able to cancel the last 2 amounts as it was within the 12 days they supposedly give you.
I contacted [the pill provider] again via email, this time they replied, conveniently after the 14-day trial period saying that they would get back to me in 3 working days.

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