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The paleo diet plan loren cordain: food list – , The paleo diet was first published in 2002, when low carb diets were popular, and reissued in 2010 because of its continued popularity. The human species of the paleolithic era did not suffer the medical problems seen by modern societies. My recommendation is that patients adopt a full (no grain, no dairy, no legumes) paleo diet for 30 days. I believe the best way to start is a basic Paleo Diet for 30 days and re-evaluate how you look, feel, and perform. The foods on the paleo diet are more nutrient dense and less calorie dense than the foods that are 'banned' and this often prevents excessive caloric intake. If you want to MAXIMIZE your health and body habitus, you should strongly consider the Paleo Diet!

Again, the best way to improve your health is to do a full 30 days on the Paleo diet, no cheating.
The idea for the 'full paleo' is to give our bodies a chance to heal and purge the anti-nutrients in these foods. Once you have been on the 'full paleo' for at least 30 days then you can start adding some foods back in on a limited basis and evaluate how things are going with each food. The Paleo Solution - This book was written by Robb Wolf and is, quite simply, an excellent book. The Paleo Diet website - this is Dr Loren Cordain's website with links and information about the book. The Paleo Diet For Athletes - Dr Cordain made a couple of changes to the diet with an athlete in mind.

Growing Up Paleo - a websited dedicated to a paleo lifestyle during pregnancy and childhood. The paleo diet for athletes and over one million other books are available for amazon kindle.
However, it is still fairly common that, when I mention and describe the Paleo Diet, patients change their expression.

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