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An important dietary issue that has come under debate in recent years is the safety of high protein diets and their long term influence upon health and well being (17, 18). Colin Campbell, Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University, author of The China Study and Dr. Arguing against excess protein, Colin Campbell says most people need less than 9% of their total calories to come from proteins.
Cordain is right on one point: we should avoid sugary foods and drinks, including pasta and potato chips, since these simple carbohydrates lead to insulin resistance, which in turn leads to diabetes and obesity. I’m not defending paleo at all, at least not as written by Cordain, but I know that I feel better with a small amount of lean meat once per day with veggies and some starches (the ones that I can tolerate) rounding out the rest.
What I want to discuss here is an important nutritional topic on which Campbell and I agree.

So we shouldn’t be surprised to see a debate raging around the value of protein from meat. Colin Campbell is the author of the China Study and sees a strong link between animal protein and cancer, as well as other diseases. Colin Campbell is among the most visible and vocal advocates of vegan diets for nutritional reasons. Colin Campbell, a leading voice of veganism, agrees with the Paleo community and the modern scientific literature (see here, here, and here) that saturated fat does not promote heart disease. But we (professionals and public alike) preferred to debate the fat idea and, in so doing, we ignored what really mattered as a cause of heart and related diseases: the use of an animal protein rich diet. Campbell’s longstanding criticism of animal food has always been about animal protein.

Butter is only mentioned a handful of times on Campbell’s Center for Nutrition Studies website.
Meanwhile, Colin Campbell’s book The China Study offers similarly compelling evidence that animal protein causes diseases like cancer and heart disease.

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