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I've been planning on writing down my recipe for barbecue pork ribs for a couple years now.
This recipe is more of a method than a firm step-by-step because there's a lot of flexibility when it comes to barbecuing ribs. Fold the foil over the ribs and fold the aluminum foil onto itself to seal just like you would if you were preparing to freeze it. Do the same steps (removing excess meat, removing the membrane, spice rub, and wrapping in foil) for each of the other racks of ribs that you might be preparing. About an hour before you plan on cooking, soak 2 cups of wood chips in water for that hour.
Justopia: You gotta be know your ribs if you got some in the freezer Let us know if you make this and how it goes! About Hong & KimWe believe good food and cooking brings friends, family, and loves ones together—and keeps them together, hence our motto, Cooking Life Together. I kept avoiding it to prevent runaway discussions on whether or not this is the best way or the correct way to barbecue ribs. I usually smoke at least two racks of ribs (a rack is one side of the hog - one continuous cut of meat that includes 8 to 15 ribs depending on your butcher and the style of cut) at a time but cooking one rack is pretty much the same exact recipe - cooking times don't change only the amount of spice rub you use up. Baby back ribs come from the loin of the hog and the bones are generally smaller and the flesh is leaner and meatier than spare ribs which come from the side and belly. The foil should be large enough to wrap the entire rack in it (just image you're going to gift wrap the ribs).

For a charcoal grill, start a fire and move the coals to one side, leaving the other side without coals. But the vast majority of the time we feast on ribs at roadside rib shacks and barbecue joints rather than make them at home.
Avoid Shiners: For the best-looking ribs, look for meat to cover the entire length of the bones, and avoid exposed bones, known as shiners.
Save Bits and Pieces: As you're preparing the ribs, reserve any meat trimmings and smoke them to make barbecue beans, or for tasting samples before dinner. Presentation Matters: People eat with their eyes before they even taste food, so put care into how you plate and serve your ribs.
Davis and Paul Kirk are charter members of the Kansas City Barbeque Society and authors of America's Best Ribs and America's Best BBQ. We decided to make his hoisin glazed barbecue ribs the other day and it turned out fantastic! If you've never grilled or smoked ribs on your own and don't know where to start, or even if you know a lot, listen up. Grilling and smoking bring out the natural flavors of ribs, and while seasonings can enhance those, they can also quickly overpower them.
Instead of butcher paper or disposable plates, arrange ribs on a glass or ceramic platter or a large dinner plate.
Of course, you can also rewarm ribs in the microwave, covered with a paper towel, until just warm, 1 to 2 minutes.

I think that's the best texture for ribs (even though sometimes I do like the completely falling apart texture as well - that's why I have more than one recipe for making ribs!). In the photographs for this recipe, I prepared baby back ribs, but I'll mention the differences between preparation for baby back and spare ribs in the text. It can become a very tough sheet that tastes and feels like you're chewing on plastic if you cook it with the ribs. The salt and sugar in the rub should draw out some moisture from the ribs which serves two purposes. Don't drown ribs in sauce; brush it on lightly and serve the rest in a bowl or bottle on the side.
Kirk has won more than 475 cooking and barbecuing awards, including seven world championships, and runs the Baron of BBQ School of Pit Masters. In this basic primer we'll share our secrets to shopping for, prepping, and grilling or smoking ribs, plus provide recipes from our new book, America's Best Ribs.
If you like them to melt off the bone, continue cooking it a little longer at a lower tempurature.
The liquidly rub penetrates into the meat during the next several hours, so it's important to wait before cooking the ribs.

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