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TheВ study,В which is based on census data, lists the top nine occupations in Louisiana that would benefit from the Medicaid expansion: food service, sales, construction, cleaning and maintenance, office support, personal care, transportation, production and health care support.
The Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Louisiana (CTFLA) applauds and thanks the New Orleans City Council for their unanimous votes today in favor of protecting the health of all New Orleans employees by making all workplaces, including bars and gaming establishments, smoke-free.
The smoke-free measure, championed by Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell and co-sponsored by Councilwoman Susan Guidry, ensures that all employees, including bartenders, gaming facility employees, and entertainers, will be protected from the dangerous health effects of secondhand smoke in the workplace.В  The ordinance will go into effect 90 days from passage.
Nearly 9 percent of 8th graders said they had used an e-cigarette in the previous month, while just 4 percent reported smoking a traditional cigarette, said the report being released Tuesday by the National Institutes of Health. Many HealthCare.gov customers will face higher costs next year, the Obama administration acknowledged Thursday in a report that shows average premiums rising modestly.
Joseph Kimbrell, CEO of the Louisiana Public Health Institute (LPHI) was recently interviewed by the Healthcare Journal of New Orleans for its One-on-One feature. TheВ Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) recently announced 35 total WellSpots across the state. Thirty Louisiana health agencies have been awarded $6.6 million in federal dollars to expand primary care services in neighborhoods. The funding is part of $295 million awarded to health centers nationally under the terms of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, also known as Obamacare.
Make conscious decisions when it comes to healthy food, give yourself time to cook healthy meals instead of cooking healthy meals that you only seem practical, easy and quick to prepare. Improve your cooked recipes with bright flavors from healthy ingredients like fresh herbs, spices and citrus. I am trying to do as much as possible to be as healthy as possible without having to consistently increase my medication. I realized that putting pressure on myself and being embarrassed of how my health was doing when it wasn’t good, actually made my health worse! WellSpots are places and spaces that have made sustainable changes to make it easier for Louisiana residents aimed at improving health outcomes.

One of the easiest ways to manage calorie intake is to serve good size portions after cooking.
When cooking dishes that have lots of flavors, there is no reason to feel deprived and tempted by adding fats. The Myasthenia Gravis Diet is actually not a diet at all but an eating style that has helped get me back on track with my health and has kept me there while also allowing me to enjoy the perks of weight loss! Although my journey towards better health for myself isn’t done by any means, I still wanted to share this with anyone else who may benefit from the idea that you can work to better your health and have it again if you decide you want it. It takes time to get to know the best healthy foods for your body, to learn which foods are secretly zapping you of energy, to git rid of them and then to stick with it.
Whatever level of health you are currently at, please know that your body is designed to feel and work even better.
This post is to give those out there a starting point and awareness that your diet will affect your health – with the understanding that by replacing processed foods with whole foods, by eliminating dietary allergens and by eliminating the junk, your health will in one way or another begin to improve.
One important tip I have for you if you are trying to gain weight is to try and increase your healthy fat intake! But use good fats in moderation anyway, because all fats (whether good or bad) are loaded with calories which is not healthy on the long term. Fat free products (just like skimmed milk) is a simple way to reduce saturated fat when starting to cook healthier. My journey of living with MG has not been an easy one but it is proof that you have power to make a change in the direction of your health, but it is up to you to decide when. And when MG is bad or negatively affecting daily life, as I’m sure many can relate, the desire to improve the health of your body however you can is strong. Looking back now, I see that every rough time or relapse in health has taught me something greater that I can use towards having and maintaining my health and happiness…so DON’T GIVE UP! At that time I was still at the state health department and we had a part time CEO for a few years, and then I became the full-time CEO in 2000, when I retired from state government.

The City of New Orleans and Jefferson Parish have awardees, as well as Jefferson Community Health Care Centers in Westwego.
My post today gives you some ideas and Healthy Cooking tips to become a healthy-diet pro and start cooking healthy meals at home. Making fruit smoothies can be an excellent solution to provide yourself with regular healthy food intakes instead of snacking heavy chocolate bars when you’re hungry.
I want to share anything and everything I’ve learned throughout my years of living with MG so you can hopefully get the health of your body back on track (or stop it from spiraling out of control) much sooner than I did.
Luckily, improving the diet is something we can do to cultivate and improve our health with little to no negative side effects. All of those things are still healthy and unprocessed (just make sure to buy natural almond butter (just read the label on the back – natural almond butter will only contain almonds and salt). At one point I quit eating red meat, pork, and chicken and I felt great but I was still eating processed foods.
Coconut oil is great too…it’s an anti-viral, anti-fungal, and very healthy for the immune system ! We all need a healthy diet, healthy mind (love and compassion for yourself), and happy soul for our body to be and feel nourished. I stopped eating gluten, dairy, sugar, and red meat for 3 wks and felt exactly the same so i stopped. Take time to do something which you find joy in every day (it can be anything as long as it makes you feel happiness), eat a healthy diet and try to cut your coffee back to every other day and replace the missed days with green tea instead! Coffee will dehydrate you and it can zap the iron stores in the body leading to lower than normal iron levels (specially if you’re not eating red meat) which can over time lead to anemia.

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