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His tasty, affordable recipes began receiving attention from others trying to eat healthy, so he launched his website and a new Instagram account dedicated to meal prep last month. We tapped Peters for his top tips on getting started with meal prepping and batch cooking, plus the 4 recipes you'll need to create a week of (delicious!) dinners. Peters suggests starting with a few days' worth of meals at a time, then slowly building up to making a whole week of meals in one session.

Planning ahead also helps to make meal prep a sustainable healthy habit.Break It UpTo stave off boredom, freeze one or two meals each time you make a new recipe so you can swap in something different throughout the week. You can also add different sauces to a meal to change the flavor, or plan to eat out one night that week to give your taste buds a refresh.Enlist a Buddy Grab a friend or spouse to cook with you.
You might even think of a new meal idea together and can brainstorm ways to create a healthier version of a favorite dish.

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