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The Sesame Street Dictionary, 1980, use of "unusual", shows Cookie Monster refusing a jar of cookies from an Anything Muppet. It was widely reported, starting in the spring of 2005, that Cookie Monster would suddenly be executing a complete about-face: espousing healthy eating and moderation, trading in his trademark "C is for Cookie" in favor of a new song, "A Cookie is a Sometime Food," and (depending on the source) even going on a diet.
Cookie Monster has been touting the importance of healthy eating and having a balanced diet as far back as the 1970s. Cookie Monster premiered his hit rap single "Healthy Food," a song about eating healthily, way back in 1987, almost two decades before the press outrage. In a 1990s sketch, Cookie Monster dreams of an encounter with the Monster Cookie, who was once a monster that ate cookies all the time like him, and turned into one. As evidenced by years of history on Sesame Street, Cookie Monster has never eaten "only cookies." In fact, he has proven that he will eat just about anything. Cookie Monster had another chance to publicly poke fun at the media when he made an appearance on Martha in October 2006. On the June 19, 2008, episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert blamed fruit's dethroning of cookies as childrens' favorite snack food on Cookie Monster's abandonment of cookies and newfound love of fruit. During a New Jersey event in January 2009, Frank Oz fielded a question about Cookie Monster's shift in diet from a member of the audience. Cookie Monster responded to the rumor in a February 2010 tweet, stating "Time to put end to rumors.
In a 2010 episode, a group of vegetables threaten to leave Sesame Street because they aren't treated well.

In a Season 43 episode, Cookie Monster is offered vegetables to eat while waiting for a batch of cookies to finish baking. In this 2004 photo supllied by the Sesame Workshop, Hoots the Owl explains the benefits of healthy fruits with a song called "A Cookie is a Sometimes Food," to Cookie Monster, on Sesame Street.
At the end of the song, Cookie Monster declared, "NOW is sometimes!" and gobbled the cookie anyway. When he snaps out of the dream, he vows to never eat cookies again and begins devouring healthy foods, but has a cookie afterward. In a sketch in episode 4115, Matt Lauer of The Today Show confronts Cookie Monster about the rumors that he's giving up cookies and becoming a "Fruit Monster". Martha Stewart spoke to him about eating healthily, catering to the section of the audience made up entirely of young kids. Cookie Monster himself appears to explain to Colbert that he has not abandoned cookies, but rather learned to eat them as part of a balanced diet. Oz replied that he didn't buy it, insisting that kids are smarter than to eat cookies for the rest of their life because they saw a character on TV who only eats cookies. He states that he cookies after he eats fruits and veggies, using the "three square meals" remark from above.
At every instance, Mario Lopez, appearing as a news reporter, claims that Cookie has become the Veggie Monster.
Cookie Monster refutes the rumor, explaining that he eats the fruit first, and then has cookies for dessert.

Cookie Monster agrees that he does like to eat healthily, and will eat just about anything. Although he had many cookie-related episodes in the '70s and '80s- "Me like the Robert Downey Jr. Cookie sings "Me Am What Me Am" to explain that he is still Cookie Monster, even though he does love to occasionally eat vegetables.
But he's not going to change his name to "Brussels Sprouts Monster," a comment which received a high amount of praise and applause from the adult audience. Dis whole thing silly."[2] Cookie Monster tweeted about his healthy eating again in March 2010, stating "Maybe you hear rumor that me going on a diet.
In September 2010, another video was posted, where Cookie names what he ate today: three varieties of cookies and tofu stir-fry.
But as we all know, looks can be deceiving.So I searched the site for news on Cookie Monster and up popped a press release about the show's "Healthy Habits for Life" emphasis.

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