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Welcome to Send Us Your Shelf Porn, where our only concern is figuring out what’s on your bookshelves. Finally, more Monkees swag, and memorabilia from my own comic book self-publishing effort, K.O. That’s right, sports fans, no sooner do we get my man cave all tricked out and perfect that we are going to sell our house! Those desiring the full blow-by-blow of the transformation of my horrid garage into a comics collecting and reading space can take a look at my past posts … for everyone else, suffice to say this job has been a bear-and-a-half. I am pleased to report that the space has proven comfortable enough that it has attracted not only your humble narrator, but also my cats, who find the new seating options intriguing, and also my wife and kids, who have all snuck out there at various times this weekend to read, or steal a few minutes to write on some portable device, or just to soak up the ambiance of the new and improved headquarters of the Longbox Graveyard! This marks the conclusion of the major portion of this remodeling project, but Man Cave Mondays will continue as an irregular feature here at the blog. My masterplan to turn my garage into a comic book shrine slumbered through the month of April, but lurched back into motion this past weekend as we attacked my ugly garage floors.

My ass well and truly kicked, I fell asleep early that night, and then was up bright and early to greet my friend Andrew, who had offered to come over and spend some of his garage mojo on behalf of Longbox Graveyard.
About the only thing that is certain about this project is that I wanted to wall off one section of the garage and make it a more friendly space for storage and for hanging out and reading comic books. You may recall my previous Man Cave Monday entry, where I pledged to organize and remodel my garage to better accommodate my hobbies. I’ve also managed to pack up the old bookcase that contained volume after volume of old role playing games. That wooden bookshelf and everything on it is eventually bound for eBay or the charity pile. Just in time for Father’s Day, the hardest part of the job (which began as a New Years resolution) is complete!
My ambitious plan to convert my garage from a disaster area into a comic book shrine continues.

I’ve secured a commitment from my oldest son to rip all those CDs to iTunes before we bid them goodbye.
I didn’t intend to put a wall in this early in the process, but when some very capable friends offered to come visit for the weekend and do the job for me, I was happy to jump that part of the job to the head of the line. On the right you can see a couple comic posters from the secondary garage door that will serve as the back wall for the new comic space.

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