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If you’re on a meal plan at school, it’s important not to spend money at restaurants except on rare occasions. Not only is snacking late at night bad for you, but it can easily turn into a fourth meal, costing you extra money. This entry was posted in Finance, School, Students and tagged finance, guest blog, saving money, students, tips and tricks.
If you’re not on a meal plan though and you buy your own food, try to shop at the supermarket and cook your own meals.
Stay tuned for more easy tips for students that can help you save and budget your money in college! This recipe is great, because half of the ingredients can be bought in bulk and prepared ahead of time.
Salmon Ciabatta Sandwiches (Recipe found here)Buying and cooking fish can seem daunting for college students; however, this recipe is so simple and delicious that its worth the splurge for salmon.
It can be hard to find the time to prepare a delicious meal every night, and it becomes even more of a challenge when you're living on a tight budget.
Not to mention most college kitchens consist of plastic silverware, a microwave, and maybe three bowls.

This recipe is low maintenance but feels high end which is something that I think many college students would like to indulge in once in awhile. Keeping these limited resources in mind, I have compiled a list of cost-conscious meals that are keeping with the healthy and fresh flavors of summer. Pesto Chicken Sandwiches(Recipe found here)Quick to assemble and extremely delicious to eat, this recipe is great because it only requires one pan for all the cooking, which definitely speaks to the college mindset. Quesadillas are the perfect college food because they are simple, cheap, and they can practically be made out of anything. College students tend to pack in lots of cheese and beans, the not-too-healthiest of ingredients.
For college students, it can be hard squeezing in time to prepare intricate dishes every night, and it seems much easier to just go out or to reheat frozen meals. Since this meal is a sandwich, it is very low maintenance and once you have the chicken cooked and the tomatoes sliced, all you need to do is assemble! Instead of going for the typical cheese overload, try opting for this recipe's lighter alternatives, which include the chopped vegetables of your choice. Hopefully these recipes having inspired the chef inside you college students, and you'll feel compelled to ditch the microwave and get to eating healthy instead!

This recipe is great for college students, because every ingredient can be bought in bulk and made time and time again. With all the money you'll save by cooking your own simple recipes, you might just have some left over cash for summer adventures! It's a fresh but filling meal that can be packed for summer picnics or served for large groups of friends. Since it's pasta, it can be reheated and still be delicious, so this meal definitely gives you the bang for your college buck! This recipe suggests grilled vegetables, but just like with any pizza, you can get creative with your toppings.
All you need for the base of this recipe is naan bread, tomato sauce, and cheese and then the topping possibilities are endless!

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