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Recently I posted about these coconut milk popsicles I’ve been making lately to keep me cool and stay paleo in the summer Southern California heat.
Once you’re done pouring the coconut milk into the ice cube tray, carefully place it in the freezer. When you pull the coconut cubes out of the freezer for the first time, they may be hard to get out. I like the coconut oil spray for baking: heaps easier to spray inside my muffin tins than rubbing in the non spraying version.

Coconut oil spray like all manufactured sprays is a waste of money and look at the ingredients. And now that I have coconut cubes instead of ice, I’ve been using coconut water or plain water in my smoothies. Make sure you shake the can of coconut milk before you begin to pour or it won’t be mixed properly.
I don’t notice that they taste watered down at all and I really enjoy how much easier this is than grabbing a can opener and opening a can of coconut milk.

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