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Kidney-friendly recipes, kidney diet renal diet - davita, Davita has a wealth of kidney-friendly recipes for people with kidney disease. The Lemon Detox DietThe lemon detox diet (also known as the master cleanse) is a diet that has gainedtremendous popularity in recent times.
It was originally developed in 1941 by a man namedStanley Burroughs.Burroughs referred to the lemon diet as a detoxification program which would rid the body ofyears worth of harmful toxins.

There are also many other benefits to the detox diet such asweight loss and the healing of skin conditions (in some cases). Stanley also claimed it helpedcure stomach ulcers (which is actually the original reason he created the diet). If you arethen you can follow the recipe with cinnamon instead, providing you are not allergictoCinnamon as well.

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