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Lucy is a friend, educated and familiar with nutrition basics, who eats a relatively healthy vegetarian diet. The magic result at the end of the cleanse is supposed to be up to 20 pounds of weight loss. Another problem with cleanse diets is that the low calories don’t provide enough energy for you to perform strenuous mental activities (such as working, studying) or exercise. This entry was posted in Food Thoughts and tagged diet, lemon juice, Maple syrup, pepper, Weight loss by Hemi Weingarten. I’m not a cleanser nor am I a faster, but your article fails to mention the (possible) spiritual and emotional benefits that some believe come from short-term starvation. I have to disagree, not all cleanses are created equal some are shady and some are really nutritious. I have to agree that this particular cleansing diet is not really that safe and doesnt focus on long term results, but that doesnt mean that cleansing doesnt work – there are some really effective programs out there that help support the bodies natural detoxification process and return the body to its natura balance.
These diet are not as popular and the effects are not as drastic, but the effects of them are geared toward cleaning your skin of all of the toxins to which you are exposed. Total Cleanse provides several cleansing options to detoxify, invigorate, and nourish your body. People are spending lot of money to clean the harmful toxins and unburned fats accumulated in their body.
The master cleanser program is time tested and it has been in practice for more than 50 years.
There will be an overall improvement in the personal health after one undergoes master cleansing program. The drug addicts and alcoholics will find their craving reduced considerably after undergoing lemonade cleanse diet.
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The master cleanse diet program consists of 5 different portions, the first is ease in and the second is the lemonade diet; during this portion of master cleanse program, you will be only on nutrients and energy supplied by lemon juice, maple juice and organic cayenne.
At MindBites two of us on the marketing team decided to do the Master Cleanse starting right after the new year.
I am on the 7th day of the cleanse…no delusions, but very tough on the mind to overcome going without food.
Sunday proved to be easier than I had thought, though I didn’t feel very hungry most of the day I did do some reading about the master cleanse and started to question my motives for doing it. My next move is to gather all the materials required, pick a starting day, and enjoy every day of the cleanse for where it will take me. At first I was also exercising every morning while on the cleanse and realised that this was a big mistake. I am 19 yrs old and i have just been diagnosed with Bone Cancer so the Master cleanse if the 1st of MANY cleanses i have to do, its a good way to intoduce myself to the notion of not eating food. I am prepping for the cleanse this week and plan to start on Friday-thank you for all of the advice and motivation.

After reading allot of the post here, it is clear allot of people do not understand the cleanse or have not read the book!
So frustrating to see people waste their time with a cleanse only to find their poor habits patiently waiting for them two days later…when they are ravenous for food!
We need to cleanse the toxins that accumulate inside our bodies every day and replenish the vital nutrients missing in our diets. There are also food cleanses that are geared toward helping your organs regain their health if you eat a lot of unhealthy foods or take in a lot of other unhealthy substances. The Energy Cleanse offers our gentlest colon cleanse diet regime, making you feel energized all day.
Lemonade diet, actually a part of master cleanse program devised by great dietitian Stanley Burroughs in 1941 has stood the test of time and has helped thousands all over the world in cleaning their body systems.
This stage is synonymous with the master cleanse program and the entire program is known just by this name.
It will cleanse the body system of the ill effects of not only drugs and alcohol but also that of tobacco, junk food and it can even cure some of the chronic ailments.
It is meant to cleanse your body of toxins that exist inside your colon and along the wall of your intestines.
However, vegetarianism does not appeal to me and I chose to do the Master Cleanse because the last time I did it, I got good results. My second cleanse was for 21 days which sounds like a long time, but the only comment l can give is that it was one of the best things l have done for myself to date. I recommend to anyone doing this to understand the cleanse and read the original book The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs. So basically you’ll be a zombie for the duration of the diet, watching TV reruns all day, or LOL CATZ on Youtube. It needs help(it normally cleanses from 10pm-2pm while we sleep), therefore herbs like parsley and cilantro are good to get rid of the heavy metal buildup from chlorine, mercury etc.
Revitalize Cleanse can help those of us who occassionally cheat on our otherwise healthy eating habits, realigning, refocusing, and refreshing our body. This is by far the simplest and inexpensive way of cleansing and healing that is effective. Actor Jared Leto had to decrease his weight for portraying the role of Mark David Chapman and he lost that extra weight by undergoing master cleanse. I did well for a while after the last cleanse but I was starting to have too many food reactions - histamine, brain fog, digestive upset, all the things that had me do the cleanse the first time. Apparantly about 99% of us have them and we shouldn’t so the master cleanse is a good time to do it. This is a liquid mono diet that complements the natural cleansing and detoxifying process of the body. I can’t imagine having diarrhea for that long but supposedly you have a bowel movement everyday and by the end of the cleanse it starts to look like white mucous. My biggest caution to anyone taking their first cleanse is how very impotant it is to start the eating process as described.

I’ve a problem with Candida and at the end of that cleanse, my candida was worse - it got fed sugar, and all the good bacteria that fights it were killed off with the flushes.
More than anything I am hoping to cleanse my body and rid of all the nasty toxins from all the junk food I’ve been eating. The Purify Cleanse is the most extreme of our colon cleanse diets and is geared toward a full meal supplement program and colon cleanse. The major ingredients for the lemonade diet recipe are- first you have to cut a lemon into two and crush one half to draw two table spoons of lemon juice, collect two table spoons of rich maple syrup, one tenth of a teaspoon of Cayenne pepper and two cups of pure water. Lemonade diet with its all natural ingredients has helped many to get relieved from digestive and colon problems, allergies; many could control cholesterol and thus escaped from killer diseases like heart attack. Even though detoxing stories scare me I am still trying to pave the path to a cleaner colon. Burroughs says this is the shedding of the toxins built up in the intestinal lining, which is the ultimate goal of the cleanse. For getting the best out of your master cleansing program click the following link and you will get your master cleanse kit at discounted prices. Stanley Burroughs, author of The Master Cleanser, estimates that people on average lose up to 10 lbs. Usual period of master cleansing program is 10 days but it can be extended to any number of days as per the wish of the person involved and that too without any side effects. If longevity of usage is an indication of the success of a weight loss program, then this sixty year old process created by Stanley Burroughs in 1941, a great dietitian of his times, is still followed by thousands. Do not fall into the trap of unscrupulous elements to get your systems cleaned and click the link for the cheapest yet effective method to lose weight and to get rid of harmful toxins. I intend to keep my now somewhat shrunken stomach, shrunk.Looking forward to my vegetable soup, and luckily I was already eating a halfway decent diet so now I’ll just make it 95% decent!
Many celebrities and health advisors recommend the greatness of this diet and its ability to eliminate all kinds of harmful toxins and unnecessary congestions.
Master cleanse program can revive the body to its original stature, if it is done regularly. My goal is to clean out and detox my body, understanding that I will not be 2 sizes smaller forever and, therefore, will not go shopping for skinny jeans. I took a sip of lemonade and reminded myself that I really wanted to cleanse my body and that was that.
I have been half assing my diet and workout so I am hoping this will be the kick in the butt start to a hardcore, get serious, this is YOUR LIFE phase.

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