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High-profile trainers Marco Borges and John Pierre depend on plant-based foods to energize, and they recently shared some of their favorite picks for spring-cleaning your diet. Registered dietitian Susan Levin, MS, RD, CSSD, is director of nutrition education for the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, home of the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart, a free nutrition plan from one of America's leading health advocates, Neal Barnard, MD. The diets are usually meant for fast weight loss and are either impossible to keep up with, or just involve some crazy concoction that doesn’t seem fit for consumption. The Clean Gut Diet is a slower weight loss process for sure, but its easy to do and makes you feel better inside and out.
Whether you're looking to increase energy, boost your immune system, or nurture healthy gut flora, these five foods will help you get started. Over the long run, anti-inflammatory foods work with our immune system to create healthy gut flora, reducing risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and certain forms of cancer.

My mother had decided to become fully immersed in this new “clean gut diet.” Now if you knew her like I do, you wouldn’t be surprised. I know it may sound a little disgusting, but I learned that a clean gut is essential for an all around healthier body and lifestyle. I don’t look at it as a diet, but rather, a new and improved lifestyle that I can maintain. I know, I know, it’s extremely similar to the infamous Paleo Diet, but it’s less restricting and honestly easier to follow. And it wasn’t the kind of cleanse that comes in all the pretty bottles (and leaves you completely starving for the week) it was genuinely about cleaning out your body and getting your digestive system to work optimally. Feeling incredibly intrigued (and a bit smitten by this incredibly intelligent, green-eyed doctor) I embarked on aВ  journey to a spotless gut.

I printed out a copy and hung it on my fridge), eliminating the guesswork so you know exactly what to eat to keep your gut happy.В  Easy peasey! Until Clean gut diet I had to work out 3 times more (6 days a week) and eat less then half of what my usual portion is.
I dieted for 3 months and my skin is back to normal and I not working out 6 days but only 3 and got better results.

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