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Discussion threads, articles, gossip and talk all over the Internet are all a twitter about how to lose weight using cinnamon powder and honey.
Try using different types and flavors of local honey as well as different types of cinnamon until you get the results you desire or to change the flavor and palatability of the drink. Consume one half an hour before breakfast and the second half an hour before going to sleep at night. Some proponents recommend adding raw honey after the water has boiled to retain nutrients and thus the benefits. By following this regimen, it is suggested that a dieter may easily lose three to five pounds within one week without changing anything else within his or her diet.
Keep in mind that while Cassia is sold as a cinnamon, it is not actually the same spice and may, therefore, produce different results. According to materials and articles recommending this diet aid, this mixture of cinnamon powder and honey stops the body from accumulating fat.
Other explanations include the fact that honey is an antioxidant and does all kinds of good things for the body. Cinnamon may influence blood sugar and the way it's processed, giving your body a better chance to break it down in such a way that it doesn't turn to fat.
Some proponents of this diet claim that abdominal weight is more sensitive to cinnamon's effects than other body weight.

Many people who have tried this concoction found it to be effective in boosting their body metabolism and helpful in their weight loss efforts. To read more about the benefits of the cinnamon and honey combination in Cinnamon and Honey Remedy. Find out how the concoction has effectively worked for others in Postings on Honey and Cinnamon Cure. There are three types of cinnamon available in stores: Ceylon cinnamon, Indonesian cinnamon, and Cassia cinnamon. Nobody can attain permanent weight loss without a proper balance between healthy diet and exercise. I have tried it for general detox purposes and have found it to be especially helpful in moving my bowel. Honey itself is safe for children above 18 months, but there are differing opinions on how safe cinnamon (especially Cassia Cinnamon) is for children. To lose weight, you should eat a variety of food groups, limit junk food and consume appropriate portions. Next morning, strain off the particles and warm up the drink by adding some warm water and honey.
Thus we would err on the side of caution and recommend this honey cinnamon recipe only for adults.

Additionally, exercise that includes both cardio and strength-training should be a regular part of your exercise plan. When someone asks you how to lose weight using cinnamon powder and honey, by all means share the recipe. Just be sure to let people know that the only sure way to attain real weight-loss results is to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. It is much milder and more pleasant in aroma and highly contrasted with Cassia cinnamon in taste.
Also, it doesn't seem to produce an offensive blob of slime that you see when mixing Cassia cinnamon with hot water. Its exorbitant price and lack of accessibilty is however a big deterrent for many consumers.

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