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We have already featured the different Filipino food recipes and have categorized each so it won't be hard for those who want to learn a fusion of the local menu delicacy from the Philippines with foreign cooking or for just love of food. Occasions are the heart of the Pinoy tradition of festivals and it so happened that one of the most important celebrations that Filipinos enjoy cooking local dishes is during Christmas season. Parties, this is what Pinoys don't run out of a bright idea about which best to cook or contribute for food gatherings. Cooking the Pinoy way will never be the same again without the popular most delectable authentic street foods that you can buy today even in groceries and big malls like SM City, Robinsons, Puregold, Ever and many more. Filipino Paella Recipe, Paella is an internationally known Spanish rice dish originating in the Valencian region.
We Filipinos have created our own version of Paella Recipe and it differs from every region, try this one and give your feedback. Helpful tips for Vancouverites to reduce food waste this Christmas, so you can eat, drink and be merry (and be green). This list of tiny ingredients that liven up our native Filipino food recipes in the local cuisine list will be updated from time to time to cope up with demand by both food blogs, bloggers and enthusiasts to find a resource of the most complete list as in all the herbs and spices that can be found locally grown in Philippine land.

It could be either for family reunion, group gathering, Christmas party or so but the idea is to cook for potluck, an idea of food contribution slowly getting so popular during this time of the year.
As part of the tradition of cooking during feasts and celebration, blogs have popped out here and there like mushroom writing about reviews of the different authentic Filipino food recipes and dishes. Food courts and food cart businesses have also fused these popularly cheap foods in their foodcart packages.
These free recipes are all authentic cuisine that will help you almost become Pinoy when you really learn how to cook them the native Tagalog way. So here is a gallery of the different Filipino Christmas food popularized by the age-old tradition of Pinoys and their idea of a true feast during the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ in December 25 of every calendar year. So the list grows but allow us to enlighten you with the weird yet unique and exotic sounding and looking to your eyes - our street food gallery of different cooking styles for Filipino food recipes of today. See our photos of the different local dishes in the daily and occasional Philippine layman's table.
It's not surprising that Filipinos view Christmas as one of the biggest events of the year, probably even more so than your average North American.

Shopping malls would begin putting up gigantic Christmas trees, Christmas lights, and hang Christmas ornaments as well as flying sleighs, reindeers and Santas from the ceiling. One of the persistent memories I have of returning to the Philippines for Christmas is the clapping, shouts of joy, and in some cases, even tears from fellow passengers when the plane finally touched down on the tarmac.
For Maria, much of her family is spread across Canada and the States or are still in the Philippines, but she attends midnight mass at St. Pockets of Filipino Canadian communities regularly come together for Christmas, celebrating with Misa de Gallo, caroling, and -- as always -- lots of eating.

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