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I highly recommend this book to someone who is desperate to lose weight or someone in the middle of their journey.
It is probably more geared toward women because a lot of it is founded on her journey and experiences, but there are parts in this book that would be highly beneficial to men as well. But to my mind, the rest of the essay exemplified a shallowness of thinking about food and eating that has surfaced again and again in the 100+ years since Christians first began linking healthy diets with spiritual health. A few things irk me about this kind of thinking (to be clear, I am not singling out the RELEVANT piece; I just see it as representative of many Christian writings and utterances on diet and health).

It was very important to me, so I decided to look at weight loss books at the Christian bookstore. Further, even APART from Christian ethics, American culture already demonizes fat and worships thinness.
I have learned to deal with a lot of the mental aspect of losing weight from a book that I got at the very beginning of my journey.
If you have tried many books about losing weight in the past, don’t just dismiss this book as just another diet book.

There are parts in the book that bring Christ into the journey, but it isn’t overwhelming and I feel that someone who isn’t a Christian would still benefit greatly from this book.

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