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Another very fundamental function that cholesterol has to perform in the human body is making the vitamin D.
On the other hand, if the cholesterol level exceeds from the normal it can create a real problem.
The use of olive oil especially with green salads is very fastidious combination for controlling the cholesterol level as it contains antioxidants.
Cholesterol is the basic fat of human body, which provides energy and the strength to the cells of the body but the cholesterol level should be maintained to a certain level, if the cholesterol level crossed the favorable limit then it can cause various diseases of heart.
HDL cholesterol is the high density cholesterol that helps to protect you from heart diseases. Fruits such as Grewia asiatica and jambula should be used regularly to reduce the cholesterol level.
Grapes and pomegranates juice is very healthy for the patients of high cholesterol, they reduce the cholesterol.

When cholesterol comes in contact with the sunlight it gets converted into vitamin D that in response strengthens the immune system. Cholesterol travels into the body through the blood and if the level of cholesterol increases it makes the blood thick which create difficulty in its circulation resulting heart attack.
This type of the cholesterol is harmful for the health because it accumulates in the veins and cause blood clotting. The liver is responsible for making the cholesterol and distributing it over to the other body parts. The proper cholesterol level is also beneficial for skin protecting it from various problems.
Cholesterol level increases in the body with the excessive use of oily food, eggs and meat. Cholesterol is also responsible for digesting the fat that can be harmful for the individual body.

80 % of the body cholesterol produced in the liver while human body attains rest of the 20% from different food items. If the cholesterol level of the body increased than the required level then there are chances of heart attack because along with cholesterol, plaque also accumulates in the veins that stops the blood circulation.
A good balanced diet also helps in controlling cholesterol levels, which is important for a healthy lifestyle. White meat is very good for controlling cholesterol so do take fish, preferably those having omega 3, routine wise like two times a week.

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