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Healthy side dishes for pork

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The older folks always say there should be abundance during the new year so while keeping that in mind, I never attempt to scale down my no. Jiaozi is probably the most symbolic and significant food for CNY in Chinese cultureВ because it means bidding farewell to the old as we usher in the new.
I would have easily picked Chap Chye as my choice of vegetables to prepare but since my version of Chap Chye consists of a lot of black (unlucky colour) stuffs like black fungus, chinese mushrooms, etc, I thoughtВ I would recommend this clean & bright lookingВ mixed vegetables dishВ instead.
This was the first dish that I had learnt to cook from my maternal grandmother which is also what she’d cook during CNY every year. It’sВ a mustВ to have a whole chicken with head and tail that symbolises a good beginning and a good ending for the coming year. I hope my recommended recipes above have given you more inspiration to finalise that menu you’ve been holding on to.

It is important to steamВ anВ entire fish (with head and tail intact) so we will have abundance throughout the yearВ so feel free to replace the cod fish fillet in this recipe to a whole grouper or red snapper – whatever you fancy. In this recipe, the liquid in the abalone can acts as a stock that flavours the entire dish. 21 years down the road,В I still wish we could go back to those good old days of having such family gathering and I really miss that feeling of togetherness. In this recipe, I used my favourite A1 curry paste and fresh coconut milk for maximum flavour and fragrance.
This recipe uses a salty and savoury braising sauce which wouldВ makeВ the roast pork and yam flavoursome in taste. The highlight of this recipe lies in the sugar-soy-sauce base and crispy garlic topping that really give fragrance, punch and crunch.

For this recipe, there is no use of red food colouring so what you see will be what you’re eating.
Good luck with the planning andВ here’s wishing all of you a Happy Goat Year in advance! This blog is where I share good eats in Singapore, cooking tips & inspiration, nutritious & wholesome recipes and my kitchen adventures as an amateur home cook.

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