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Previously posted Ching-He Huang has just release her second book called Chinese Food Made Easy.
Each week in her new BBC2 series she re-invents the nation’s favourite Chinese dishes, modernising them with fresh, easy to buy ingredients, and offering simple practical tips and techniques. Drawing on the experiences of top chefs, her family and friends, growers and producers and celebrity enthusiasts Ching sets out to discover the best Chinese cooking in the UK today, introducing easy-to-make Chinese food to sometimes resistant Brits, and painting a picture of modern Anglo-Chinese life in the UK as she goes.

Using ingredients from high-street supermarkets and some imaginative suggestions for alternative ingredients, these classic Chinese dishes are updated, fresh and healthily prepared so that anyone can make and enjoy them. This sounds like a nice cookbook, and I wanted to share a site with you on Chinese cooking. Reason for the season:В  A well-seasoned wok prevents food from sticking and revs up the flavors of your dishes.

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