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Canadian author Jewel Kats has become the first to publish a vitiligo-themed fairy tale in the world of children’s literature. Award-winning Canadian author of children’s books Jewel Kats has published the first vitiligo fairy tale titled ‘Snow White's Seven Patches: A Vitiligo Fairy Tale’ (Loving Healing Press, 2013). Part of the Fairy Ability Tales series of the Loving Healing Press, Kats’ book tells the modern day story of a girl who is born with seven white patches on her skin – a feature that leads her worldly mother to imprison her and hide her from the world.

The story is another empowering work of fantasy literature by Kats who has previously earned international recognition with her award-winning book ‘Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair’. Victor VolkmanAnn Arbor Books ExaminerAs publisher and president of Loving Press Inc., I have overseen the publication of nearly 200 books including self-help, personal growth, psychology, poetry, and fiction.
With colorful illustrations by Dan Goodfellow, the book aims at creating a positive self-image of children who have any kind of physical differences, especially of skin color or texture.

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